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T’s Boudoir Experience | Vancouver

Why did you book a boudoir session?
To have something special to give to my boyfriend, knowing that he would appreciate the photos; but also to do it for myself because I’ve always wanted to have the courage to do a boudoir session and feel pampered and beautiful.

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
After looking into Erica’s website and seeing her other photos, I liked her style better than any others I could find in my area.

How did you prepare for your shoot?
I thought of a few outfits I would feel pretty and comfortable in, and talked to friends about ideas for props & jewellery to bring.

Boudoir Photographer

Who are they for?
The boudoir pics are for my boyfriend. He knows I went to the shoot but I’m keeping the photos secret until the calendar arrives for his birthday. He keeps asking me to have a sneak peak!

How was the experience?
I think everyone feels self-conscious about themselves at times, so I went there thinking I might feel shy but I had fun during the shoot and I felt really sexy. I was way more comfortable than I thought I would be.

Boudoir Photographer

How do you feel about your images?
I love them all… My favourite are the mardi gras images with the gold mask because they feel a bit original and I feel like they go with my personality. Also, the ones with the pearls are really pretty.

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Boudoir Photographer

Did you have your Hair & Makeup done?
It was great. Gaby (Gaby Ramirez Makeup) made sure to ask me what I preferred for each part and it turned out just like I would’ve hoped.

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot for themselves?
A lot of my friends want to be in perfect shape before they would even think about it, but really it makes you feel in perfect shape once you do it, because you can see how beautiful you are already.

Boudoir Photographer

Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Our next Vancouver, BC boudoir photography sessions are May 15th & July 9th.

To reserve a session, please go to the Vancouver Boudoir Photography reservation page.

Vancouver boudoir photographer

Boudoir Client Photos Featured in Best Health Magazine

Four of my past boudoir clients’ stories are featured along with the images I took of them in the May edition of Best Health magazine which has just become available on the newsstands. This process started about 6 months ago so I am finally glad to see it in print. I am checking with the magazine to see if I can get permission to reproduce the pages on my blog, but until then go grab a copy and turn to page 150 where the article begins. The article is titled “Move Over Marilyn: For the ultimate confidence boost, dare to try a boudoir shoot” by Ann Chandler.

boudoir photography in Best Health Magazine

View our list of dates & locations to book your boudoir session by clicking here for the schedule. Or view our portfolio here.

Vancouver Boudoir Photo Sessions | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

The next boudoir photography sessions in Vancouver will be on April 30th.

To book a session, please go to the Vancouver boudoir booking page.

Miss P’s Boudoir Experience | Vancouver Boudoir Photography

“Miss P” had her boudoir session in Vancouver. Hair & Makeup was done by Kelly He.

Why did you choose to book a boudoir photography session?
I’ve never really done anything for myself that I can look back on and say, “Wow, I can’t believe that, that was me a few years ago.” I’ve always loved the beautiful photos that I’ve seen and have wondered if one day, I could have photos like that too, thanks to TAIT photography, I now do!

Why did you choose TAIT Photography for your boudoir photos?
I loved, absolutely loved just how beautiful the photographs on the image gallery online were. I just knew that TAIT photography was the one. Also, the staff were very accommodating and just wonderful to work with.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo shoot?
I made sure I looked at the different pictures and kept in mind of the different poses, went shopping for some intimate lingerie and I just counted down the days till the photo shoot!

Who are your boudoir photos for?
The images are for my boyfriend, and I think that he will absolutely love them.

How was your boudoir photography experience?
It definitely is something that I would recommended to all women, no matter how young or old you think you might be, having this photo session really does allow you to see yourself just the way you truly are and feel, inside and out-beautiful and amazing.

How do you feel about your images?
I was so impressed at all the different images I was given to choose from, some of my favourites were ones with my eyes closed, a few from the top view, and a few with the birdcage veil.

What was your boudoir photo session like?
At first, I was extremely shy and unsure of how to pose or what to do, but Erica definitely made it comfortable. It was definitely a lot of fun.

Why should other woman have a boudoir photography session?
Words cannot fathom the experience I’ve had. It’s something that women tend to put off or are just hesitant to do. But ladies, it’s time to put yourselves first. You just have to go and have a boudoir session and you’ll know why.

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