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50th Birthday Present Boudoir Shoot

Why did you do a boudoir session?
I wanted to do something special for my husband’s 50th birthday. He has always wanted pictures of me and I felt this would be a memorable and long lasting gift. I also feel that it is important to keep the “sparkle” in a relationship! It takes hard work to keep a marriage exciting!

Why did you choose TAIT Boudoir Photography?
My husband had come home from work and someone at the office had given him a “sneak” viewing of his wife’s pictures. He couldn’t get over how beautiful they were. I spoke to the woman and was told wonderful things about TAIT Photography.

How did you prepare for your shoot?
Erica led me through what I needed to do and what I needed to think about. I also spent time on the website looking at what would help make my session memorable for my husband.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
They are for my husband. I can’t wait to give them as a birthday gift! I know he will be amazed that I ever did something like this for him. I think it will continue to make a strong relationship even stronger.

How was the experience?
It made me feel beautiful in a way that I never thought I could.

How do you feel about your images?
I loved my images. It is hard to choose a favorite since Erica does everything so that it looks like it is done with class.

Do you have an interesting story about your experience?
It was fun to choose the pictures with my siblings. Since I am the oldest of four they were in awe that I would do something like this and now they want to do something for their spouses as well.

Why should others have their own boudoir shoot?
I think it is important to remember that men feel very special being given beautiful photos of the women they love. It also makes the women feel beautiful!

50th birthday present for husband

Northern Virginia | Washington DC Metro Area Boudoir Photo Sessions

The next boudoir photo sessions in Northern Virginia (Reston) are scheduled for September 8th, 9th & 10th.
For more information, please contact us.

Boudoir PhotographerFemale Boudoir Photographer

L’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
It was a suggestion from a girlfriend for a gift to my boyfriend. When I saw the style of photos, I was sold.

Why did you choose TAIT Photography for your boudoir shoot?
I looked at several web sites and found TAIT to be very classy with a clear idea of what to expect as a product and price.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo session?
I shopped for some lingerie, looked at several photos available online for more ideas and discussed it with my girlfriend.

Boudoir Photographer

Who are your boudoir photos for?
It is a gift for my boyfriend. I think he is going to love them!

How was  your boudoir experience?
Although I was extremely nervous, the photographer was very confident and experienced to help with ideas and relaxation.

Calgary boudoir photographer

How do you feel about your boudoir images?
I really like a ton of the photos….have had some difficulty narrowing down to my faves as I like so many. I really like the shots that are of my body only as well as the ones where I look natural and relaxed.

Calgary boudoir photographer

Do you have an interesting story about the boudoir photo shoot?
Just funny thinking of how much my boyfriend would enjoy the ones with just his dress shirt on….kinda could not stop laughing.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Why should women book a boudoir photo shoot?
It is very good for self esteem and to realize how sexy you too can be in such beautiful pictures.

Boudoir Photographer

Calgary Boudoir Photography Studio

Boudoir sessions are available at our studio in Calgary during the week and on most weekends. Our makeup artist is available to give you a complete makeover and style your hair beautifully for your boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir photos make a great gift for anniversaries, weddings, or engagements. A lot of women also do the session just for themselves – to celebrate a birthday, weight loss, or other milestone in their life. All sessions photographed by a female photographer. For more info, please contact us.

Bianca’s Boudoir Experience | 2010 Valentine’s Day Contest Winner

Bianca was the winner of our 2010 Valentine’s Day contest giveaway. You can read Bianca’s entry here. Our 4th annual Valentine’s Day Contest is coming soon! We will be giving away a free photo shoot package. Please check back shortly for details.

Why did you want to do a boudoir photo session?
I wanted to be able to see myself as a beautiful, sexy and confident woman. Boudoir photography captures this like no other photography experience. I was also lucky enough to be chosen as the winner for the 2010 Valentines contest. My husband enjoyed these pictures as a special treat for our 15 year Anniversary which we celebrated this past June.

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
As I was searching for boudoir photography sites on the internet, something about TAIT Photography stood above the rest. I loved Erica’s pictures on the website and blog. I also read all the positive feedback comments.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo shoot?
Before my session, I had my nails done by a professional. I also was so glad to have hair and makeup completed before the shoot. I attempted to get a little sun but not a fake tan. In addition, I purchased a variety of outfits for the shoot. Since the pictures were for my husband, I did take into consideration his favorite team jersey, and what HE might like to see. I also used the same veil from my wedding 15 years ago for some of the anniversary pictures.
Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography

Who are your boudoir photos for?
The photos are not only for myself but also for my wonderful husband. He was so thrilled to see the beautiful pictures. I was so impressed with the images and think they are amazing!! We will cherish these pictures forever.

How was your boudoir experience?
This was so exciting. I felt so comfortable during the shoot with Erica–she is really a wonderful person and photographer. I also wanted to go out and let everyone see how beautiful I felt in the inside and out. The makeup artist did a remarkable job with hair and make-up. There was no reason to be nervous at ALL.

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?
I love all my images. It is hard to pick a favorite. I felt incredibly sexy and confident in every picture.

Do you have an interesting story about your experience?
I think many women look for boudoir as a wedding gift for their fiance/husband. I say do it for ANY reason, no special occasion is needed. As for me, I am married 15 years with 3 children that was enough of a reason to get the pictures. Do it for yourself no matter what your current role: wife, mother, fiance, or even single!

Why should other women do a boudoir photography session for themselves?
This is a confidence booster for ANY woman and something to be so proud of doing for yourself!! I only wish I would have taken the pictures sooner, or when I got married 15 years ago. It would be neat to compare images from then and now 15 years apart. I highly recommend a session with TAIT Photography!!!

Valentine's Day Boudoir Photography

The Reveal of Dani’s Boudoir Photos | Virgin Radio 98.5

I had the wonderful opportunity to go back on the radio at Virgin 98.5 Calgary to reveal Dani’s Photos. You can listen to our conversation and view a few of her boudoir pics below!

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 1

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 2

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos
Virgin Radio formerly Calgary Vibe 98.5

Virgin 98.5 Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy

This past Wednesday morning I was “on air” at the Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy on Virgin Radio 98.5 and was so excited to be a part of the show! The radio conversation was in anticipation of Dani’s boudoir session that I will be photographing this weekend at my studio in Inglewood. I’m really looking forward to the session. Dani said she is nervous about doing her boudoir photos (as is normal), but I was so nervous going on the radio! Well they were great hosts at Virgin 98.5 and made me feel at ease, which is my aim with all of the boudoir sessions so I can return the favour.

Click play to listen to the interview:

Virgin 98.5 Boudoir Segments

If the recording does not play above, you can also click here to listen.

Dani Rohs Virgin Morning Show Boudoir

Toronto Boudoir Photo Sessions | Toronto Boudoir Photographer

We still have a few spots remaining for boudoir photo sessions in Toronto on June 17th.

To book a session, please go to the Toronto boudoir booking page.

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