Frequently Asked Questions

What is boudoir photography?
Boudoir photography involves creating intimate and romantic images of a woman, most commonly wearing lingerie. Boudoir is a French term that refers to a bedroom, which is the setting for these images. Having these photos made is a rising trend for today’s brides, being at one of the most beautiful times in their lives. Many brides give an album of these images to their fiance on the wedding day. Other women also give the gift of boudoir images to their boyfriends or husbands for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays such as Valentine’s Day. Many women are also having the session done just for themselves. It is fun to have a day of pampering with hair and makeup and then have some beautiful photos taken afterwards. Women always leave the photoshoot feeling more confident and many say it was a liberating experience.

Who gets boudoir images done?
Anyone who wants beautiful images made for themselves or someone special. Gifts for Valentine’s Day, the wedding day, anniversaries, and for those serving abroad in the military are very popular. Other reasons include milestone birthdays and weight loss or other body improvement celebrations. Read some client interviews and testimonials by clicking here.

What is a boudoir marathon event?
A marathon is an event where multiple boudoir sessions are photographed on a single day in the same location. By doing several sessions in one day we are able to offer a fantastic setting at a great price. We often schedule boudoir marathons in various cities, please view the current schedule, or request one near you.

Where are you located?
I am originally from the Washington DC area, and my husband is from Calgary. Now we travel back and forth regularly between these two locations, along with several other cities in the US and Canada. I am also available to travel for boudoir photoshoots and weddings worldwide.

How do I schedule a session?
Click here for the upcoming schedule and locations. Select a time and then secure your session by credit card. If you prefer to pay by cash or cheque, please contact us to make an arrangement. We book appointments by the photo session start time. If you want to add hair and makeup, check the appropriate box then plan to arrive one hour earlier than the photo session time you select. We will send you a confirmation email with all the details of the location and we will confirm the time you should arrive. If your location is not listed above, please request one near you.

Who will photograph my session?
All boudoir sessions are photographed by myself (Erica) exclusively and no one else will be present in the shooting area. Most people are worried about posing, but I will completely direct you. You do not need to pose like a model (unless you want to!). Feel free to let me know any specific ideas you have for your photoshoot.

I’m nervous, what is it like?
It is normal for most people to feel nervous before and when they first arrive. Spending time getting your makeover should help calm your nerves. By the end of the session everyone says how much fun they had and how much more comfortable it was than they thought it would be.

How do I prepare for the session?
Please bring the number of outfits included for the photoshoot you have booked. You can bring more options and we can help you decide on your final outfits. Iron and use hangers to bring outfits that can wrinkle. Wear loose fitting clothing and undergarments when you arrive so that you don’t have red marks on your skin. Bring outfits that you like and make you feel good, confidence shows in the images! Don’t forget some high-heel shoes.

Will others see me in my undies during the session?
No one other than the photographer will see you during your photo session. The shooting area is concealed from view of the makeup area. You will also be able to change your outfits in private.

Will you post my images on the Internet?
We respect the privacy of our clients and we only display images of clients that have given their approval.

Do you supply clothing?
Clothing is not supplied although we do have a small selection of accessories you can borrow such as thigh high stockings, long strands of pearls, and bird cage veils. Popular types of clothing to bring include: night gowns, boy shorts, bra-and-panty sets, bustiers, teddies, baby dolls, tight jeans, fishnets, mini skirts, bikinis, thigh high stockings, garter belts, wedding night attire, sexy dresses, Halloween costumes, corsets, and workout outfits. Avoid lots of patterns because solid colours are generally the most flattering and work best with the brocade headboard that is standard at all photoshoots. (If you do not like the black and white brocade pattern headboard please let us know in advance of the session so we can arrange another look for you).

You can visit these websites to purchase clothing or for inspiration for your lingerie outfits:

What outfits should I bring?
We recommend that you bring a variety of outfits and it is also popular to do the shots in between the sheets. You can easily “dress up” a bra-and-panty outfit with thigh highs, garters etc. We have stockings and garter belts you may borrow if you wish. You may want to bring something that belongs to your significant other: a sports jersey, button-down shirt, a tie, hat, etc. Bring heels to go with some of your outfits and jewelry too. Wear the outfit you feel most comfortable in first. Although the sheets will cover you, bring something strapless if you are uncomfortable being topless for the ‘in-between the sheets’ photos.

Should I bring props?
Props can make your images special for your significant other. Some ideas include flowers, cowboy hat, motorcycle helmet, birdcage veil, and props relating to your partner’s profession or personal interests.

What is included in the makeover?
The makeover includes full face makeup and light hair styling done by a professional makeup artist. Using a professional makeup artist is highly recommended because they are especially good with applying appropriate makeup for the purpose of being photographed. Proper foundation application is important for evening skin tone, eliminating shine, and hiding blemishes. False eyelashes are recommended for emphasis on the eyes and are usually available from the makeup artist for $10. If you bring your own lashes, the makeup artist will apply them at no charge. Please arrive with completely dry hair and it is best to wash your hair the day before, not the morning of your session.

Can I bring a friend?
You are welcome to bring a friend to drop you off, however during your session we ask them to wait outside or in the lobby. There is not enough space for a friend in the shooting area and this also gives privacy to the next woman when they arrive for their makeover. No children or male chaperones are permitted.

Are the photos retouched?
The proofs are not retouched – however anything ordered as a print or included in an album, calendar, or other printed product includes retouching. Retouching includes enhancements of the face (removal of wrinkles, crows-feet, under-eye bags, pimples, excess shine, and teeth whitening) and any body imperfections (cellulite, moles, hairs, dimples, scars). Retouching of tan lines or sunburns is not included. Try to avoid shoulder strap tan lines, however most other tan lines will be covered with lingerie. I highly recommend that you do not self-tan or spray tan before your session. Results are almost always orange, blotchy and unnatural looking. Do not use a tanning bed just before the session, especially if you are doing so for the first time as you may get unexpected results. Being more tan doesn’t necessarily make you look better in photos. If you have a mole or scar that you do not want removed in your final images for your prints or album please let us know when you place your order. Tattoo removal on the images can also be done for an extra fee.

What if I am not as skinny as I want to be?
You are beautiful the way you are. My job as a photographer is to emphasize the positives and minimize any areas that you are self-conscious about. When you receive your images we hope that you will see yourself being as beautiful as your significant other sees you.

Do you do maternity photographs?
Yes, you can schedule for ‘mom-to-be’ portraits by booking a regular boudoir photoshoot and letting us know.

Do you photograph nudes?
Sessions generally do not include nude or fully exposed topless images. However if you do want these types of images, please let the photographer know.

Can I be photographed with my significant-other?
A significant-other may be permitted to take part in a boudoir session. Please contact us to schedule the couple’s session at the end of the day when no other clients will be present. The photos will still be focused on the female and no lower-body male nudity is permitted. An additional fee applies for this extended photoshoot. Please contact us for more details.

Do you do boudoir photography outside of the boudoir events?
At this time due to my busy travel schedule, I am generally unable to offer boudoir sessions on an individually scheduled basis in many of the cities I travel to. When available, individual sessions incur an additional fee. Please inquire if you cannot make the dates we have listed as we may still be able to accommodate you. With our studio in Calgary, we are very flexible and can likely accommodate a session outside of the times listed, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Do you have any discounts?
We offer discounts for military, cancer survivors, and for our wedding clients. Please contact us for details.

Can I use my images to promote myself or my business?
Our boudoir pricing and contract for boudoir sessions does not include any commercial or self-promotional use. Please contact us for information about such an agreement and licensing.

For testimonials from past clients, please visit the Boudoir Testimonials page.

Any more questions? Feel free to contact us.

For Photographers:
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