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The Reveal of Dani’s Boudoir Photos | Virgin Radio 98.5

I had the wonderful opportunity to go back on the radio at Virgin 98.5 Calgary to reveal Dani’s Photos. You can listen to our conversation and view a few of her boudoir pics below!

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 1

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 2

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos
Virgin Radio formerly Calgary Vibe 98.5

Dani talks about her Boudoir Experience | Virgin Radio 98.5

This past weekend I photographed Dani from the Morning Show on Virgin Radio 98.5 (formerly the Vibe). She was really nervous before coming in for her boudoir session, which is normal for everyone. But after getting pampered by having hair & makeup done at the studio then she was excited and ended up having a fun time in the photo shoot! You can hear a few clips of Dani on air discussing her experience:
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 1
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 2
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 3
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 4
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 5
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 6
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 7

Here’s the package with album that I will be delivering to Dani this morning!
Virgin Radio 98.5 Boudoir Photographer

Virgin 98.5 Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy

This past Wednesday morning I was “on air” at the Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy on Virgin Radio 98.5 and was so excited to be a part of the show! The radio conversation was in anticipation of Dani’s boudoir session that I will be photographing this weekend at my studio in Inglewood. I’m really looking forward to the session. Dani said she is nervous about doing her boudoir photos (as is normal), but I was so nervous going on the radio! Well they were great hosts at Virgin 98.5 and made me feel at ease, which is my aim with all of the boudoir sessions so I can return the favour.

Click play to listen to the interview:

Virgin 98.5 Boudoir Segments

If the recording does not play above, you can also click here to listen.

Dani Rohs Virgin Morning Show Boudoir

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