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The Boudoir Bride | Bridal Fantasy Magazine Article

One of my past clients shared her images and motivation for having boudoir pics taken in the most recent edition of Bridal Fantasy magazine. We highly recommend rewarding yourself prior to your wedding with a boudoir photo shoot. It’s the perfect time in life to have sexy photos – with all of your pre-wedding workout routines and regimens, you will likely be in the best shape of your life. Your wedding night lingerie is a great outfit to bring and the photos will commemorate your lingerie and your beautiful pre-wedding body. Veils, garters, and your wedding shoes also make perfect accessories for your photoshoot!

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Imagine your fiancé’s reaction when he receives this one of a kind gift – beautiful portraits of the woman he loves and is about to marry expressing her sensual side in sexy lingerie. A boudoir album is the ultimate – for his eyes only – wedding gift.

Boudoir Photography refers to beautiful images of a woman, most often wearing her favorite lingerie. A boudoir photo shoot frees you to reveal yourself in a more intimate way. “It is an empowering experience” says Erica Tait of TAIT Photography, “my goal is to help women to discover their own beauty and to bring out their sexy side.”

The confidence boost that comes with this experience may be just what you need before your big day. You will feel assured, perhaps even sexier, when you walk down the aisle and exchange vows in front of your close friends and family. “There’s not an image I don’t like. It has been a real eye opener to realize that I do look good and can be sexy. This experience definitely helped to boost my self-confidence,” says Amanda, a recent client of TAIT Photography.

If you’re nervous about the final images, don’t be. Professional boudoir photographers are trained to make your feel comfortable. They work with lighting, camera angles and flattering poses to accentuate your best features. The final images will include retouching as well, which isn’t reserved for just celebrities in magazines. “Even though many people are nervous at first, they end up having a great time and always comment that they think every woman should have this experience at least once in their life” says Tait., “to feel and look amazing is often something that unfortunately we don’t get by just looking at ourselves in the mirror.”

Amanda plans to give the boudoir images to her husband on her wedding night, “Fifty years from now my fiancé can look back and remember how beautiful I was! I think he will love them.”

To see more of Erica’s boudoir work, check out the Bridal Fantasy Blog

Boudoir: The Ultimate Valentine’s (or Anytime) Gift!

One of my past clients shared her boudoir photography experience on the Simple Sexy Style blog.

You can read the full post here.

Just like Ashley, I often hear women say that they won’t book a boudoir session until they’ve lost 10 more pounds. Lots of women put off having a photoshoot until “one day when I am perfect”. Unfortunately since women are often so critical of themselves, that day will never come.

Save yourself the trouble of losing those last 10 pounds and book your shoot now. There is no time like the present! The resulting photos will show you that you are beautiful the way you are. Plus with great posing and a little bit of retouching you won’t notice the difference 10 pounds makes.

Thanks for sharing Ashley!

Unveiled: Boudoir Photography | Weddings in Alberta Magazine Feature

Weddings in Alberta recently featured our boudoir work in the premiere issue of their magazine. The article is filled with tips to help you prepare for your boudoir session and know what to expect. You can read the full article here.

Weddings in Alberta is an awesome monthly wedding publication so if you are planning a wedding, sign up to receive the free magazine by mail.
Click here to subscribe.

Unveiled Boudoir Photography Weddings in Alberta
French for a woman’s bedroom or private setting room, boudoir photography is almost as old as the camera itself. Boudoir photography has been popular ever since, featuring women in various tasteful states of undress, becoming more risqué at times (often with major celebrities). Jean Harlow was photographed in the 1920s, and boudoir has remained popular, acting as a major part of the pinup craze in the 1940s and 50s, and is now a rising trend for brides to give their grooms-to-be. TAIT Photography dishes on everything you need to know about boudoir shoots, giving answers to some of your questions! Photos By TAIT Photography

Why is boudoir photography popular for brides?
Being photographed as a bride-to-be is a wonderful time. Near to the wedding, most women are actively working on their physical appearances—making sure she is in-shape and beautiful for the big day. It also helps each woman see herself in a new light, more like the way their loved one sees them, rather than with all the flaws automatically perceived when she looks in the mirror. This is the perfect time to capture yourself at your best. It is a fun, enjoyable experience and definitely should be a reward every bride gives herself for all the hard work with wedding planning. The images you get from the session are a huge self-confidence booster and a gift to yourself as well as your groom. Most women surprise their groom with the photos and I think it’s a fun way to build excitement and anticipation for your walk down the aisle.

What happens at a boudoir Shoot?
At TAIT Photography, our clients come to the studio an hour early to have their hair and makeup done. The professional makeup artist we have on our staff has expertise in doing make-up for the purpose of being photographed, and uses the client’s input on the type of look they want for their shoot. It’s also a nice pampering experience that helps calm the nerves before the photo shoot. After hair and makeup is done, the clients come into the completely private shooting area and the dressing room. I will take a look at all of the outfits the client brings and help them put together their looks if needed. I have a small accessory closet that the women can borrow from to add to their outfits, such as thigh-high stockings, birdcage veils, and heels. A lot of women like to have a few images with only the white sheets and we usually end the session with some “in-between the sheets” types of photos.

Do I have to be sexy or seductive?
Boudoir photos are not only sexy or seductive, they can also be playful and fun. I like to do a combination of expressions in each pose so there are plenty to choose from. Some women think they have to be models or know how to pose already but that is definitely not the case. I fully direct each pose and tell what expressions to give, so the client can just relax and enjoy the experience.

What do I wear?
We recommend that the women bring 3 to 5 outfits, and it is also popular to do the shots in between the sheets in addition to the outfits they bring. Types of clothing that clients bring include lingerie, tight jeans, mini skirts, bikinis, wedding night attire, sexy dresses, and workout outfits. We recommend avoiding clothing with lots of patterns because solid colours are generally the most flattering and photograph best.

What about women that are shy?
Most women I photograph are shy, and everybody is nervous at first. A boudoir session is a lot easier than it seems, and everyone leaves telling me how much fun they had. We usually start with the least revealing outfit first, and once the client is comfortable, continue onto other outfits. If you are comfortable wearing a bathing suit on the beach, then the boudoir session is not much different!

The Details:
Sittings are typically an hour (although several packages are available), and include a lot of proofs to choose from. Women generally bring between 3 to 5 outfits for their shoot. Many outfits are lingerie, but you can bring other items, especially those that are significant to your fiancé such as a sports jersey, button down shirt, or something related to his profession. Albums are the most popular way to give the images. The brides usually select between 10 to 30 of their favorite images to give to their groom in the album. Although many women are surprised at how good the images already look un-retouched, each image ordered is airbrushed and enhanced to look perfect for the album. We retouch the images for things like blemishes, wrinkles and under-eye circles. We also do calendars, canvases, and large prints for those who want a different kind of product to enjoy their images.

What are some special spins that TAIT photography puts on boudoir?
We offer a “Book With a Friend” discount, so if you come into the studio on the same day as a friend, you both get a discount off your session fee. We have session discounts for cancer survivors or those currently undergoing any cancer-related treatment. Each year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we give away a free photo shoot package to one or more cancer survivors. We also honor our military wives and service-women with discounts on their session, and each year donate a photo session package to a military wife or service woman.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
These images are for my fiance. I plan to have him receive his gift on the day of our wedding. I think he will be really surprised and even more anxious to see me. I wish I could see his reaction, but I like the idea of building up the anticipation.” -Tiffany

“The images are for my husband—and he was amazed! His jaw literally dropped on every picture that he saw.” -Carrie

Why did you decide to have a boudoir photography session?
I wanted to be able to give my groom-to-be an extra special wedding gift — and one that he would never expect!” -Krystal

How was the experience?
“The experience was much more relaxed than I expected. I especially appreciated Erica’s guidance throughout the shoot as to how to position myself, where to look, etc. It made me confident that she knew exactly what she was doing so I could just relax, follow her instructions, and let her do the work. The studio was a nice private setting that allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin without worrying about who was going to see me half naked!” -Jessica

Women Posing for Valentine’s Day Photos | Metro News Article

The idea of having boudoir photos taken for a Valentine’s Day gift was written about in this weekend’s Calgary Metro newspaper.

For men, giving the gift of a boudoir session to their loved one is the perfect Valentine’s Day present. It is the ideal way give your woman a fun and pampering experience that is also a big boost for her self-confidence. At the same time, giving a boudoir session tells her that you think she is beautiful and lover her the way she is right now. You also get some sexy photos to have forever and that you will both appreciate in years to come.

For women, it is a lot of fun having hair & makeup done with our professional makeup artist and then getting boudoir photos taken with the comfort of a female photographer. The photos will make you feel confident, and allow you to see the beauty in yourself that he already sees in you.

Click here to purchase a boudoir session gift certificate or visit our FAQ for more information.

Metro News Boudoir Photography

The Reveal of Dani’s Boudoir Photos | Virgin Radio 98.5

I had the wonderful opportunity to go back on the radio at Virgin 98.5 Calgary to reveal Dani’s Photos. You can listen to our conversation and view a few of her boudoir pics below!

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 1

Dani’s Boudoir Reveal – Segment 2

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Virgin 98.5 Calgary Boudoir Photos
Virgin Radio formerly Calgary Vibe 98.5

Dani talks about her Boudoir Experience | Virgin Radio 98.5

This past weekend I photographed Dani from the Morning Show on Virgin Radio 98.5 (formerly the Vibe). She was really nervous before coming in for her boudoir session, which is normal for everyone. But after getting pampered by having hair & makeup done at the studio then she was excited and ended up having a fun time in the photo shoot! You can hear a few clips of Dani on air discussing her experience:
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 1
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 2
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 3
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 4
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 5
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 6
Dani’s Boudoir Experience – Segment 7

Here’s the package with album that I will be delivering to Dani this morning!
Virgin Radio 98.5 Boudoir Photographer

Virgin 98.5 Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy

This past Wednesday morning I was “on air” at the Morning Show with Marc, Dani & Fuzzy on Virgin Radio 98.5 and was so excited to be a part of the show! The radio conversation was in anticipation of Dani’s boudoir session that I will be photographing this weekend at my studio in Inglewood. I’m really looking forward to the session. Dani said she is nervous about doing her boudoir photos (as is normal), but I was so nervous going on the radio! Well they were great hosts at Virgin 98.5 and made me feel at ease, which is my aim with all of the boudoir sessions so I can return the favour.

Click play to listen to the interview:

Virgin 98.5 Boudoir Segments

If the recording does not play above, you can also click here to listen.

Dani Rohs Virgin Morning Show Boudoir

Boudoir Client Photos Featured in Best Health Magazine

Four of my past boudoir clients’ stories are featured along with the images I took of them in the May edition of Best Health magazine which has just become available on the newsstands. This process started about 6 months ago so I am finally glad to see it in print. I am checking with the magazine to see if I can get permission to reproduce the pages on my blog, but until then go grab a copy and turn to page 150 where the article begins. The article is titled “Move Over Marilyn: For the ultimate confidence boost, dare to try a boudoir shoot” by Ann Chandler.

boudoir photography in Best Health Magazine

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