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We have a Winner – Women of the Military Contest 2009

We are proud to announce the winner of our TAIT Boudoir 2009 Women of the Military Contest. The winner, receiving the most number of votes, is Melissa. Congratulations Melissa! And congratulations to the other two finalists, who we will be contacting about their runner-up prizes. This was a close contest – everyone received a lot of votes as all of them should for sharing such inspirational and thoughtful stories. We hope this contest and these stories help to honor the great service of the amazing individuals who sacrifice their time and lives for the benefit of their nation. All of you deserve a day of pampering, starting with Melissa who will be treated to such at one of our boudoir marathons.

We have all read the touching story of Melissa. It is obvious that she is a warm and generous person, always putting the needs of others ahead of her own. We wish the very best to her family, her serviceman, and their little one. We want to send you all the best wishes and strength to continue your struggle with MS. We look forward to meeting you!

Here are some of the comments we received on her behalf:

“I vote for Melissa. Commitment in the face of adversity. You have made the world and your family a better place.”

“I’ve only known Melissa for a very short time, and in that time she has endured a lot. She is a strong brave woman, she definitely deserves this.”

“I wish to vote for Melissa I know her personally and the story her future mother in-law wrote about her is OH SO TRUE!”

“My vote is for Melissa. I have known her for a number of years and find her story to be very inspirational. I feel that she definitely deserves to win this award. To me, she has demonstrated that she is the epitome of a military wife – strong and supportive and always there for her family no matter what. As my brother is also in the military, I can only pray that he will find someone as resilient as Melissa to be his wife someday. She is the kind of spouse that every man – either a man in the military or otherwise – should have. I wish her and her beautiful family nothing but the best.”

“I think that Melissa definitely deserves to win!!!! I knew Melissa in high school and she is such a caring and loving person who would do anything for her friends and family. Seeing what Melissa’s parents in law wrote brought tears to my eyes and shows everyone what type of person Melissa truly is. Even when things aren’t looking that bright she still puts a smile on her face and not once does she complain. I hope you vote Melissa to win because she deserves a day of pampering and to take the time for herself!!!”

“I would have to agree that Melissa is as beautiful inside as she is out and that everyone that knows her loves her. I had the sincere pleasure of working with Melissa and I simply adored her. Melissa was hired as my assistant and at the time had very little experience in the field in which she was hired to work. Melissa proved to be one of the best assistants I ever had. Melissa worked hard, was quick and eager to learn new things, was incredibly upbeat and always came to work with a smile on her face. Melissa never complained and was always a team player. Melissa is obviously strong (given what she has been through in the last few years) and most certainly resilient all the while being a beautiful, cheerful ray of sunshine in someone’s day. I can’t think of a more deserving person to be given a day of pampering.”

“I had my boudoir photos done by you in March 2008, and still follow your blog. When I saw the Women in the Military contest I immediately thought of Mel. Funny thing is, I don’t even know her personally. I work with her future mother-in-law Jane who nominated Melissa for the photo shoot after I told her how much fun my own experience was. Just from the few glimpses into her life that I have had from working with her future mom, it is so clear how much Melissa is loved and how much she gives to her family. She really deserves a treat like this. Without even knowing her, I just can’t help but root for her success!!!”

“I have had the opportunity to work with Melissa and agree she is very deserving of this. What a great gift to give not only Matt, but herself. Erica does great shots, as I had the privilege of being photographed by her, and Melissa should enjoy the pampering time for herself.”

“Melissa is a very kindhearted woman with a great sense of humor and very strong willed! Good luck Mel! you of all people deserve this!!!”

UPDATE: Melissa’s Boudoir Photography Experience – Military Wife

Melissa had her images done a few months after the contest. Here are a few of her images and her personal boudoir experience.

Military boudoir photographer

What made you want to have a boudoir session?
My soon to be mother in-law nominated me for the ‘Women of the Military’ contest.  When she asked me if she could nominate me I was a little reluctant, and said sure but it was also something I always wanted to do.

How did you prepare for the session?
I did lots of lingerie shopping, and trying on different outfits.  That morning I took a long bath, and enjoyed some quite time alone.

Who are the images for?
They are for myself, I really think they will help me be more confident and my fiance of course…if it wasn’t for him my life wouldn’t be as eventful!

Have you given your fiance the images yet, what did he think?
If you haven’t given them how do you think he will react? Yes, he thinks they’re wonderful.  We both sat and went through the pictures and picked our favorite ones.

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?
I have showed so many people! More then I thought I would. I had such a great time, and I’ve told everyone I know.

How do you feel about your images?I love them!
I have so many favourites…I can’t choose!
Boudoir Photographer for deployed husbandBoudoir Photographer for Military Wives

Voting Open for the Women of the Military Boudoir Contest

Thank you to everyone who submitted their inspiring and thoughtful stories with us for our first Women of the Military contest. We want to do our part to make our military heros, heroines, and their significant others feel as special as they are! The service they provide to our great countries is remarkable. Whether they are Canadians bearing the full brunt of the conflict in Afghanistan or they are Americans active in Iraq and Afghanistan or elsewhere keeping the country safe, we are proud to support our troops. No matter whether everyone agrees with the conflicts or not, these women and men put their lives on the line to protect their fellow country mates.

We had a lot of entries to go through and after some hard choices, we have narrowed it down to three finalists. Everyone had amazing and great stories, and it was very hard to decide among the entries. If you were not picked, please take heart that we appreciate you so much and hope you will enter again next year. We wish everyone a safe and peaceful finish to their duties and service.

Happy voting, the finalists (in no particular order) are:

1) Melissa
2) Heidi
3) Elisa

Their stories are below.

To Vote:

Send an email to contest@taitboudoir.com with just the name of the person you are voting for in the subject line. Feel free to include comments with your vote, comments may be posted to the blog.

Voting ends at midnight on August 15th. The winner will be announced shortly after.


Elisa’s Entry for Women of the Military Boudoir Contest

I am a Major in the Air Force, working at the Pentagon, and I wanted to tell you about my wife, Elisa, and why I think she deserves to be pampered. When I first met Elisa, I concealed the fact that I was in the military, because I was afraid that it might be a “deal-breaker”, as I had that experience with past relationships, and I wanted her to know me for me before she made her decision.

Well, being the curious and very insightful person that she is, she quickly saw through my ruse, and not only did she accept me, but she was impressed by what I do. But the hard part was still yet to come. After we had only been on two dates, I had to leave for two months of training. But we talked on the phone every night, and she took care of my cat and my house after my house-sitter fell through halfway into the trip. And on top of that, she sent me several care packages with her wonderful baked goodies (biscotti being my personal favorite), which would become the norm for any of my long trips away from home. I had become accustomed to meeting someone, starting a relationship, and then having the Air Force send me someplace on a trip or deployment, only to find that my partners would leave me before I got back home. I knew Elisa was different after this first trip. I knew she was special.

Since then, she has stuck by me, through months apart when I was in Kuwait, Iraq, Korea, and Alaska. Before we were even married, she stuck with me through a 5 month deployment to the Middle East in which we only got to talk for 15 minutes on the phone, two times a week. I was never worried for a minute that anything would go wrong with my house while she was watching things. Reliability and dependability are two of her star qualities. Of course, the care packages came regularly and meant so much to me. Cookies were in them, of course, but silly things like artwork from her students, and my favorite brand of New Mexico green chili salsa really gave them an added special touch. I missed our 1 year anniversary during that deployment, as well as Halloween, which was our first big holiday date together, and will always be a special day for us. When I came back, even though it was January, Elisa organized a “Halloween” costume party to welcome me home.

She stuck with me through a move to Ohio, and then DC, as well as one of the biggest challenges of them all, when I was in graduate school, and due to my studies, I maybe got to see her for an hour a day, before I went back to the lab (including weekends). But not only did she support me, she supported my classmates spouses as well. As I was attending a military graduate school, I still had the position of class leader, and due to the challenging nature of the coursework many spouses were “grad school widows” for the duration of the program. I never asked Elisa to reach out to the other spouses, she just did so naturally, and fell into the role as supporter and confidant for many others, as she had for me. I ended up getting an award for my thesis (because of her support), and gave her all of my prize money for new clothes (she deserved it!).

It has not always been easy. She had made some serious sacrifices in her career for me and our relationship. When we met, she was in graduate school herself, and well on her way to a career in dance. The arts world is a very difficult one to break into in new communities, but she found a way to get a faculty position at a college in Ohio (which she had to leave after a year and a half when I moved her again), and after months of false starts, she has finally found a job that makes her happy teaching dance to young kids here in Virginia. Her sister has not been so lucky, having lost her job as an architect, as well as having her husband lose his job, less than a month after they had a new baby. So, Elisa found ways to trim our budget (mainly by trimming any spending on herself for hair, makeup, skin care, and any other pampering products) so she can send money to her sister to help care for her new baby.

Very recently, I had to go to a training up in New Jersey, and my car totally failed on me on the highway. To keep me from reporting late to the training, Elisa hopped into her car the minute she heard I was in trouble and saved the day by preventing me from being AWOL in a marathon driving session where she took me from DC to New Jersey and then drove herself all the way back home. I signed in on time, but just barely. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her. The following weekend, I had a single day off, but Elisa still made the trek of 4 hours up and 4 hours back again to spend the day with me. When I asked her if she really wanted to put herself through that long drive for such a short time together, she told me, “You are worth it.”

My wife is the epitome of “We’ll make it work,” and has always found a way to make surviving tough situations seem fun and adventurous. Finding a job here in Virginia was hard, but instead of sit back and get depressed, she re-dedicated herself to strengthen her mind and body, and lost almost 30 pounds by changing her diet and exercise patterns. She was always beautiful, but now she looks absolutely gorgeous, and I am so proud of her. She has proved to be flexible, and adaptable to all the aspects of my service in the military and makes what I do so much more meaningful, knowing that she is there to support me. Whether it is looking out for other military spouses, sending me mail and care packages, taking care of the homefront, or negotiating the labyrinthine military healthcare system, she has always come through, and I know she always will. I am the one who choose the military, but she choose me, and because of that choice that she continues to make to support me, I am better at everything that I do.

I’m getting sent on another trip by the Air Force soon, this time to Baghdad on July 27th, and I will be gone for another anniversary and another Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. And although Elisa is very sad about me having to go, she is already finding ways to make things work out for us again and even strengthen our relationship. I cannot believe I’ve only known her for 5 years. In some ways, it seems like we’ve been together forever, but in other ways, I still feel the same joy of our first dates.

Thank You,
Ryan, Maj, USAF

military boudoir

Heidi’s Entry for Women of the Military Boudoir Contest

I’m Heidi, a 25 year old stay at home mom (finally!). My husband is in the Air Force, and is a United States Air Force Ceremonial Guardsman. He is a Pallbearer for the USAF Honor Guard here in Washington DC. I think that it gives him peace of mind to know that he is laying people to their final resting place.

We tried for over six years to achieve my dream of being a Mommy. It wouldnt have happened with out the Air Force. While undergoing test after test, procedure after procedure, swallowing pill after pill, Kevin stayed strong for me. He assured me that we would someday have our child. Even though the stress and the condition I was finally diagnosed with (polycystic ovarian syndrom – aka PCOS) caused me to gain weight and be very unhappy with myself, Kevin never waivered. He managed to service his country honorably, taking care of nuclear ballistic missiles and then taking care of his new wife. He juggled leave time, taking off of working their 4 day shifts every week to be at doctors appointments and to be present for procedures that he was, shall we say ‘necessary’ for.

Kevin being ‘deployed to the field’ four days out of the week, every single week, put a lot of stress on our marriage. We still werent pregnant and had been married for 2.5 years. (We were trying before we got married, obviously). Kevin applied to come here to DC to be apart of the Honor Guard. We took a long break from trying to conceive and just concentrated on us. When we were finally ready again, we went back to the doctor. After being referred to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, we found out that several of the treatments we had been paying out of pocket for were available for much smaller costs. The doctor tweaked the regiment that we were doing before hand by just adding ultrasound monitoring of my follicles and ‘triggering’  me to ovulate (I had to let my husband give me a shot!!), with an IUI (intrauterine insemination), we were finally pregnant!

Our beautiful baby boy was born on April 28, 2008 – six years after we decided to start a family.

The stress of unpredictable schedules, (which vary from day to day here at the Honor Guard), trying to conceive for so long and the hopelessness, plus the PCOS and then finally the successful pregnancy have all taken a toll on my body. While I am no longer the thin girl I was, I realize now that my body has produced a miracle (and hopefully many more!), and will never be the same.  My husband loves the me that I am, and I want to show him that I can love me too!

While he is away for 5 months this winter, I believe that he would LOVE to have a wonderful album of photos to…ahem, enjoy. I want to show that I have the confidence to pull this off, many sizes and stretchmarks later. I would love to prove to myself that I am STILL beautiful!

boudoir for the troopspinup for the troops

Melissa’s Entry for Women of the Military Boudoir Contest

We would like to nominate our future daughter-in-law for the “Women of the Military” contest.  Her name is Melissa.

Mel is as beautiful inside as she is out.  She and our son, Matt have been together for three very stressful years.  After dating for approximately 6 months, Matt found out he was scheduled to go over to Afghanistan the following year.

Matt is a combat engineer with 1CER in Edmonton.  Mel was very upbeat and supportive during this very emotional time.  She was involved in managing his finances while he was away and assisting with the preparation of his will and funeral should the need arise.  Not something most young women in love must do, early in a relationship.  They decided to have a baby before he left.

Mel delivered our precious granddaughter on Feb 5 2008 and Matt left for a 7 month deployment in Afghanistan on Feb 18 of the same year.  Although she had no idea if she would ever see him again, she was supportive, upbeat, and always maintained a positive attitude that he would return home.  She was so considerate she contacted us every time she heard from Matt, to let us know of his safety.  She would reassure us constantly, even though it must have been a terrible strain on her, repeating over and over again that he was coming home.  Several times I just sat on the phone crying while Mel comforted me.  She also raised a newborn baby on her own, managing both the physical and emotional strain without complaint, while worrying daily about her fiancé and the father of her child.

Matt returned safe and sound in Oct 2008.

In June of this year, Mel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  She did not let this get her down and remains positive and optimistic about treatment options.

Two weeks after hearing this devastating news, Matt was in a very serious car accident in which he was injured, requiring hospitalization and surgery, and their vehicle and brand new boat and trailer were completely destroyed.  Throughout daily hospital visits, full-time work, daily maintenance of a household and the huge responsibility of raising a toddler, Mel was able to laugh and joke and maintain a smile, all the while fighting a newly diagnosed chronic illness of her own, with symptoms that are only intensified with stress.  Only once did I see her break down in tears and that only assured me that she was human like the rest of us.

She tackles every adversity head on.  She never complains about anything.  She is a loving wife, wonderful mother and positive support for our family and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.  She is very considerate and kind and everyone that knows her loves her.  She is a very gentle soul who rarely takes time out for herself, always putting her family first.

She certainly deserves some pampering for herself.  She is a vibrant, fun-loving young woman with a great sense of humour who deserves to be in the spot light.  Her sense of style and sense of whimsy would make her a perfect candidate for the boudoir photo shots.

The last two years has given her numerous challenges and crises and this would be a wonderful opportunity to say thank you for all she has done for our family.

The first picture included is the morning Matt left for Afghanistan.  Despite tears and worry, she was able to provide one last smile before he left.

The second and third pictures are of Mel and Abbi, her beautiful face a reflection of her even more beautiful soul.

We love you Mel,

Kelly, Jane and Josh (thanks for joining our family)

military boudoirmilitary boudoirmilitary boudoir

Women of the Military Contest – Win a Boudoir Session

We are pleased to announce our 1st annual Women of the Military Contest. The winner will receive a FREE photo shoot, makeup, and album at any of our upcoming Boudoir Photography Marathons.

If you are associated with the military, we want to hear about it! We are thankful for you, whether you serve personally or support your military spouse, fiance, or boyfriend. You deserve to be pampered!

We want to hear your trials and tribulations – tell us why you are deserving and in need of a day in the spotlight.

military boudoir for the troops

To enter the contest:

This contest is for women serving in the military themselves or women who support their spouse, fiance, or boyfriend.

Please email your story to info@taitboudoir.com with the subject line WOMEN OF THE MILITARY CONTEST. Please send a pic of yourself and any other photos you would like to share.

If you are a finalist, your story, along with first name and submitted images will be posted on our blog.

Feel free to nominate a deserving friend – just please ask their permission first and send us their contact info so that we can confirm.

We will post the top 3 entries on this blog – And YOU, the readers, will choose the winner!

We will be accepting entries until July 25th.

The top finalists will be announced and voting will begin on August 1st. The winner will be announced on August 15th.


P.S. If you sign up for an upcoming boudoir marathon and you win the contest, your payment will be refunded.

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