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Information on boudoir photography Edmonton, Alberta.

Edmonton Boudoir Photography | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

We have boudoir photo sessions scheduled in Edmonton for this Sunday, August 21st. Future sessions will be on October 28th.
For more information, please contact us.

Boudoir PhotographerEdmonton Boudoir Photographer

S’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

Edmonton boudoir photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
My boyfriend is overseas in Afghanistan and I wanted to do something fun and exciting for him!

Why did you choose TAIT Photography for your boudoir photos?

They came highly recommended, were fairly priced and seemed very friendly yet still professional.

How did you prepare for your boudoir session?
I went shopping with friends to find some good, appropriate outfits and then made a girls day out of it.

Who are your boudoir photos for?

They are for my boyfriend, and he was very surprised and excited about the pictures!

How was the experience?

It was fun, and completely comfortable. I never felt nervous, and I was impressed because I didn’t really have to figure anything out myself, I was guided through the whole experience.

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?
I love my images, my favourite ones are the ones in my boyfriend’s shirt, I thought they were very special and I loved the poses. I got to do this with 2 other friends and it was a blast, the makeup artist was fantastic and fun, and so was Erica, she seemed very kind. I felt completely comfortable with the whole experience, I would recommend this to any women I know!

Why should other women do a boudoir photo shoot?
Because it is fun, something for yourself and that special someone, and because it makes you feel good about yourself once you see the beautiful pictures!

Edmonton boudoir photographer

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

Our next Edmonton, AB boudoir photography sessions are May 13th & August 21st.

To reserve a session, please go to the Edmonton Boudoir Photography reservation page.

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Events

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have boudoir photo sessions available in time so you can create that one of a kind gift for the person you love. Imagine his reaction when receiving an album, calendar, or sexy photos of you looking your most beautiful.

We are available before Valentine’s Day in the following locations. All albums and products will be ready by Valentine’s Day.

Northern Virginia on January 7th & 8th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in the Washington DC Area
Atlanta, Georgia on January 9th & 10th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Atlanta
Edmonton, Alberta on January 28th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Edmonton
Vancouver, British Columbia on January 30th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Vancouver
Calgary, Alberta throughout January & February at our studio: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Calgary

Valentine's Day Boudoir

Edmonton Boudoir Photography Sessions | Last Chance before XMAS

The last opportunity to have boudoir pics taken with TAIT Photography prior to Christmas in Edmonton will be on November 5th. All albums, prints and other products ordered from this boudoir event will be delivered before Christmas. Sessions are held at a hotel on Whyte Avenue.

To book your session, please go to the Edmonton Boudoir Photography booking page.

Boudoir Photography sessions in Edmonton before Christmas

Steph’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Edmonton Boudoir Photography

What made you want to have a boudoir session?
I have always wanted to get something like this done for my boyfriend – what guy wouldn’t want this done it’s the best gift! I wanted to do it for myself as well, to give me a boost of confidence and to do something different and out of the ordinary.

How did you prepare for the session?
I looked over the website a lot and e-mailed to ask questions. My girlfriends helped me shop for some lingerie I had certain outfits in mind so the shopping wasn’t hard to do!

Who are the images for?
My boyfriend, it was our two year anniversary that just passed and I’ve been wanting to get this done for him for a long time it was perfect timing.

Have you given your boudoir photos to your boyfriend yet? What did he think?
Yes I showed him the pictures I pulled up the one of me in his Monster jersey on the screen and when he walked in the door that’s the first thing he saw on the computer and I was wearing it too. At first he thought I had just taken the pictures myself but the closer he looked he saw they were way too good and that it was on the internet he was totally shocked! He loves them!

Boudoir Photographer

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?
I was nervous at first but getting the hair and makeup done helped it was fun and relaxing and I didn’t think I could look that pretty! So my confidence went up and I felt comfortable when Erica was taking the pictures I didn’t mind being in my underwear in front of her at all.

How do you feel about your images?
They’re great I didn’t want to look cheap lol and they certainly look how I expected – very classy and tasteful. I’m very happy with the results and I think I would do it again when I’m pregnant or if I loose weight as an accomplishment.

Which images are your favourites?
I really like all of them there were only about 5 pictures I didn’t add to my favorites. I think I really like the ones with my legs up I really like my legs and feet and so does my boyfriend. My other most favorite is in my purple colored outfit and you can’t see my face just my body I couldn’t believe that was me!

Edmonton boudoir photographer

Is there any other info or interesting story about your experience?
I just want to say thank you to everyone that helped me feel the way I do and I have already told a bunch of my girlfriends about it so I think they will be signing up soon. It was a fun experience and I think it’s a great surprise for anyone to give to their spouse no matter what age, what size, you can show how beautiful you are.

Boudoir Photographer

Edmonton Boudoir Photography | Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

The next boudoir photography sessions in Edmonton will be on September 3rd

To book a session, please go to the Edmonton boudoir booking page.

Edmonton Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir Client Photos Featured in Best Health Magazine

Four of my past boudoir clients’ stories are featured along with the images I took of them in the May edition of Best Health magazine which has just become available on the newsstands. This process started about 6 months ago so I am finally glad to see it in print. I am checking with the magazine to see if I can get permission to reproduce the pages on my blog, but until then go grab a copy and turn to page 150 where the article begins. The article is titled “Move Over Marilyn: For the ultimate confidence boost, dare to try a boudoir shoot” by Ann Chandler.

boudoir photography in Best Health Magazine

View our list of dates & locations to book your boudoir session by clicking here for the schedule. Or view our portfolio here.

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