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Misty’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Breast Cancer Survivor Boudoir

Misty was the winner of our last year’s Cancer awareness giveaway. Her boudoir photography experience is below and you can also read her full story at http://www.taitboudoir.com/blog/cancer-awareness-giveaway-winner

Northern Virginia  boudoir photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir photo session?
I’ve always been interested to do this for my husband, but after having breast cancer and undergoing a mastectomy, I became very shy about exposing my body or thinking of it in a sexy light. When I saw the contest opportunity, I thought this might be a great way to see myself in a new light and embrace what I am now.

Boudoir for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Why did you choose TAIT Photography for your boudoir photos?
There were great reviews and images online. Erica sounded warm and once I met her I knew I had made the right choice.

Boudoir Photographer for Cancer Survivors

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo session?
I bought new lingerie online and had a manicure and pedicure.

Boudoir for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Who are your boudoir photos for?
I got these for myself, my husband, and breast cancer survivors everywhere! My husband loves them SOOOOO much and so do I!

Boudoir Photographer for Cancer Survivors

How was your boudoir photography experience?
It was so much fun! Erica is so good at making you feel very comfortable and positioning you so that you look your best…with no funny bulges anywhere.

Boudoir for the Cure for Breast Cancer

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?
I never thought I could look that pretty. I really like the one in the red outfit where I’m on my stomach looking at the camera.
Boudoir for the Cure for Breast Cancer

Do you have an interesting story or anything else you would like to share?
I am so glad I had the hair and make-up done. I could never get my eyes to look that big and sultry. I loved that Erica was interested in not only getting shots that she knew would look great, but was also interested in what I wanted to have done, like shots of putting on my stockings with the black corset!

Boudoir Photographer for Cancer SurvivorsBoudoir Photographer

Why should other women sign up for a boudoir photo shoot?
It is FUN! If you’ve ever played supermodel with your mirror, it is even better to do it for real with a professional :)

Northern Virginia  boudoir photographer

2010 Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Contest Winner


We are so happy to announce the winner of our 2010 Valentine’s Day Boudoir Contest. This year’s winner is Bianca! Her story connected with everyone who visited the blog. We can’t wait to show her how beautiful she still is and has always been. She will enjoy the day of pampering along with a beautiful boudoir album. Please read the kind comments Bianca received from the voters below.

The contest was really close and the runner-ups received a lot of votes too. All of these stories are so touching and we appreciate the contestants for sharing them. Each finalist received many nice comments from the voters and we have posted some of those under their photos. Because of all the kind comments we received from the voters, we have decided to also award the two other finalists with a free sitting at one of our upcoming boudoir marathons!

Thank you to everyone for your participation and support for these amazing women.

Be sure watch out for our upcoming 1st Annual Mother’s Day Boudoir Contest! This contest will be held in April and is for all moms and moms-to-be. Be sure to check back in April for details on entering as a mom or you can enter your own mom!

V Day contest winnerV Day contest winner

Comments from Bianca’s friends and family:

“Bianca is so deserving of winning this photo contest. I have known her since 1993, she and her husband are a great couple and they truly cherish each other and their family. She is a remarkable person which is reflected in her family.” ~ Nicole

“Please pick my mom she is the best” ~ Jake

“I love my mommy and really want her to win! Please let her win!” ~ Alexis

“No one deserves this more and would appreciate this more than her. Over my 18 years she has always been there and guided me – she is a wonderful person and a great aunt. It would be nice to see her have something done for her instead of her doing for everyone else. ” ~ Michael (Bianca’s godson)

“My vote would be for the one person I truly admire my sister Bianca. She is genuine, beautiful, caring inside and out, she is a selfless person that does all and everything for her family and friends and puts her needs and wants aside. She would truly appreciate winning more then words could be expressed – it would build up her self esteem after three kids and give her a positive body, mind and spirit outlook.” ~ Renee

“Lets Go Bianca I Love You” ~ Loren

Bianca’s original story is at the 2010 VALENTINE’S BOUDOIR PHOTO CONTEST FINALISTS blog post.


2010 Valentine’s Day Boudoir Contest Finalists

Thank you so much for participating in our 2010 Valentine’s Day Contest, we greatly appreciate all those who entered and submitted your thoughtful stories.

We received many wonderful entries. So many touching stories, about relationships, divorces, new brides, weight challenges, young moms, and it was hard to narrow it down to our finalists.

If you entered this year but were not a finalist, we would love for you to submit your special story again next year. If you didn’t enter this year, but are moved by the stories then we encourage you to submit your own story next year.

The finalists for this year are:

1) Bianca
2) Carolyn
3) Christine

To Vote:

Send an email to contest@taitboudoir.com with just the name of the person you are voting for in the subject line. Feel free to include comments with your vote, comments may be posted to the blog. Also leave a comment below!

Voting ends on Sunday, February 14th at noon PST. The winner will be announced later on Valentine’s Day.


Bianca’s Entry

Valentine's Day boudoir Valentine's Day Boudoir

I am writing to share my story for my reason to complete a boudoir session. I have been wanting to do a session for a long time, however I always found some reason not to schedule — too busy with my children, my husband always gone both with a full-time job and being part of the D.C. National Guard. Then it was my idea that I had to be perfect — loose more weight, have hair/nails done, use our finances on me instead of my family.  It was always easier to make an excuse then schedule a session.  Last year, I made the decision to finally do it for me, and after going to Disney World where my daughter took part in the Christmas Parade.  We came home with an unexpected blessing — so there went my session again.  I was not going to try to get a sexy boudior with a pregnany belly. I figured I would wait.  Now my new little man is 6 months. I am trying to once again avoid reasons why not to take the time to get some pictures where I can look and feel like a woman again.  The reason in front of me now are; have I lost enough of my pregnancy weight? should I wait til I look better? After nursing my 3rd child how flattering could I look with 2 different sized breasts??? I see so much negative reason that I afraid I might put it off again until who knows when.  I would really enjoy a session where I could have my hair/make up done and have a great professional photographer show my best qualities to make a  homemaker mother of 3 look fantastic and beautiful.  I have given up alot to be the best wife and mother that I can be.   I hold 3 college degrees, but chose to be at home and sacrifice my finances and time on myself to take care of those around me.  I would love to look forward to a day devoted to making me feel sexy and what a great gift to my husband. I just realized trying to find a picture to attach I really dont have any I like of me. The one attached is on me about 6 weeks before I had my son, I did my own hair and make up. The other is at home and the last of my beautiful daughter and I at disney with the ultimate beauty Cinderella, before she danced.


Carolyn’s Entry

Valentine's Day boudoir photography Valentine's Day boudoir photography

I am honored to be considered for this fantastic offer.  I feel I qualify for this gift as it something that I would love to give my husband of twenty-five years of marriage.  Then, I was a naive bride that slid into a size 6 wedding dress and to him I was the “best thing since sliced bread.”  What followed I am not proud of and have promised myself never to return there.  We had 2 great children, a daughter and a son. Together we have endured many hardships of miscarriages, failed business ventures, arson destroying our business, bankruptcy etc.  I’m not making excuses, but during this time I did not make myself a priority and so told myself I didn’t care and soon I believed I didn’t care.  Through all of this I ate, didn’t workout and frankly didn’t do anything to enhance myself at all. My husband stood by me, loved me, supported me and made me his top priority through this whole period of time.  He never talked to me or others about my size, he always stated he was proud of me and genuinely cared for and about me. In March of 2007, after a medical scare,(high blood pressure and a diagnoses of Osteoarthritis) I was a size 26 at the time. I joined Weight Watchers and made myself the same priority that my husband had always made me.  Through this weight loss adventure of almost 3 years, my husband”s love and support increased immeasurably! I have now lost 107 pounds and I’m sure that he’s prouder of me than I am of myself! I am back into size 6 and am not embarrassed to say that I have made myself that priority and I do care about myself. These photos would be for my husband’s eyes.  He has put up with an overweight spouse and now has one that he is proud of not only on the inside but the outside too!


“I truly hope Carolyn is your winner.  Her commitment and dedication to pursuing and achieving her weight loss goals have been second to none.  She has worked hard to get back to her former size and she looks amazing.  So much to be proud of with this girl! I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this prize. Carolyn, you’ve come a long way, baby!  You’re a terrific person and friend, and now your outsides truly match your insides.” ~ Paulette

“I am voting for Carolyn. She is awesome!” ~ Karla

“Awesome story….very inspiring for me!” ~ Sonya

“In addition to her inspiring weight loss story, Carolyn is just a wonderful person.  I have a special needs son and she was his teacher’s assistant for one year…and was the best teacher’s aid he’s ever had!!” ~ Teresa

“Carolyn is an inspiration to all women struggling with weight issues. Well done” ~ Sheila

“Fabulous lady and an inspiration to myself and a lot of us @ Weight Watchers Cochrane.  Good luck.” ~ Kelly

“I vote for Carolyn, as per her story, she is a worthy recipient. I have known Carolyn for almost thirty years and I would love to see her win this. She is truly an example to others.” ~ M. Walker

“My vote is for Carolyn.  She has won a long, hard and well deserved battle and is an inspiration to all her Weight Watchers co-workers.  Great work, Carolyn!” ~ Nancy

“I have been married to this wonderful woman for 25 years. I have been with her through her many struggles and she with me through mine. There are only a very few women that have the caliber of character that Carolyn has. She has pushed through with her challenges and has gone from being over weight and unhealthy to getting compliments from her trainers and doctors on how fit she is! As a current Leader at Weight Watchers she encourages many and when others have succeeded they give Carolyn credit for being their inspiration.  A more deserving person will be difficult to find. She is unselfish in many of her efforts and that actually was a challenge for her because it was a difficult thing for her to put herself 1st long enough to get this job done.  But with much prayer and effort, she realized that she couldn’t help others if she was on her back in a bed sick. So after many years of putting all of us before herself to her own detriment, (she was on her back and couldn’t walk and could hardly move for over a month!) She was a stroke waiting for a place to happen. Carolyn saw that the only way she could continue was to put herself 1st long enough to stay healthy! Without much effort I even managed to lose 45 lbs! I love this women with all of my heart and she has been a major life blood of the last 25 years of my life!” ~Tim


Christine’s Entry

Valentine's Day gift of boudoir

Like many women, I’ve been trying to lose those last 5 pounds. Well actually, it’s more like 8, if we’re being honest. Maybe even 10 on a bad day.

For the last 12 years.

Oh, there have been a few times when I got to that mythical “perfect weight,” but they never lasted very long, and I would rebound back with a vengeance. My weight wasn’t always an issue. In fact, until I hit university, I was, if anything, on the thinner side. I ate healthily, I didn’t have issues with food, and I didn’t think too much about my body at all. I gained a few pounds in freshman year, but who doesn’t? And then somewhere along the line, I learned to use food as a crutch. Feeling sad? I ate. Feeling happy? I ate. Feeling stressed? You got it. Along the way, I entered medical school. See above, rinse, and repeat. My weight ballooned over 20 pounds, which on a 5’2” frame is not insignificant. I shed most of it, but the stubborn last several pounds seemed irresistibly drawn to me like a magnet: I could pry them away by sheer dint of hard work and dieting, but then they would snap back as soon as I lowered my guard. I spent countless hours mourning the fact that my skinny clothes no longer fit, and gazed longingly at the cute outfits I wished I could pull off. I spent even longer gazing at myself in the mirror, cataloguing my imperfections, hating the way I looked: thighs too big, belly pudge, chipmunk cheeks, back fat, flabby arms. The squishy bits, the jiggly bits, the pudgy bits—it was all I could see of myself. While I was busy hating my body, I graduated from medical school (with a 6-figure debt), did my residency in Emergency Medicine, played violin, did my first ever 10K run, learned to tango, and began to cook. The body that I so despised got me through 32-hour stints of in-hospital call, allowed me to perform music, let me sprint 200 metres and up 5 flights of stairs in response to a Code Blue, and never uttered a word of reproach. I finished my training, moved to Vancouver, and started my new life as a full-fledged attending physician. And I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I haven’t been quite fair towards my body. My body—my imperfect, not-skinny, jelly-bellied body—has let me reset broken bones, provide comfort, love with abandon, and experience unalloyed pleasure. I’ve started to treat it a little better now. And I think it’s high time that I started learning to love my body, appreciate it for all its hard work. Instead of seeing flabby, squishy, and too big, I want to see sensual, curvy, and strong. I wasted my twenties hating what I saw; now that I’m in my thirties, I want to see my body in a new light. I want to see it through another’s lens, and see it as beautiful. And that’s why I would love to win a boudoir photography experience.


“Hooray for a woman taking pride in who she is and how she looks!” ~ Douglas

“Christine Choi Rocks this contest. She should win!” ~ Shelly

“I would like to nominate Christine as the winner of your competition. I read Christine`s entry blog and I was really touched by what she shared.  This is someone that has given so much to others unconditionally and deserves to have beautiful pictures taken of her by TAIT for the beautiful person that she is inside.” ~CP

Last Day for Entries for 2010 Valentine’s Day Contest

This is the last day for entries for our 2010 Valentine’s Day boudoir photography package give-away. For full details on the contest, see the post below.

Boudoir Photographer

2010 Valentine’s Day Boudoir Contest

It is now time for our 3rd annual Valentine’s Day FREE Boudoir Photo Shoot Giveaway. The winner will receive a free photoshoot, makeup, and album at any of our upcoming Boudoir Photography Marathons.

TAIT boudoir photography

To enter the contest:
Please email your story of why you deserve a free session along with a photo of yourself to
info@taitboudoir.com with the subject line FREE VALENTINES BOUDOIR 2010

If you are a finalist then your story, first name, and images will be posted on our blog on February 12th and voting will begin. Feel free to nominate a deserving friend just please have their permission first and send us their contact info so that we can confirm. We will post the top 3 entries on this blog and then the winner will be chosen by readers! There will be runner up prizes as well.

*** We will be accepting entries until February 10th. The finalists will be announced and voting will begin on the 11th. Please visit the blog between February 12th & 13th to vote for your favorite story. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day. ***


P.S. If you are interested in looking at the previous contests, please check out the V Day Contest category.

P.P.S. If you sign up for an upcoming boudoir marathon and you win the contest, your payment will be credited.

Cancer Awareness Giveaway – Winner

We have a winner for our Cancer Awareness Giveaway. Here is her story:

I am Misty, a wife, mother, nurse, friend, and oh yeah, a 2 ½ year breast cancer survivor.

At 30 I had beautiful baby girl, toddler son, loving husband, great job… and a lump. It couldn’t possibly be cancer; I was too young and too healthy. But cancer does not discriminate against anyone and suddenly my body became my enemy and a battlefield. I underwent a mastectomy. Recovery was hard; I couldn’t lift my children and I couldn’t get used to the hard expander in my chest, holding the tissue in place so that I could have reconstructive surgery. My right arm was stiff and swollen. Then I had six months of chemotherapy. I was tired, nauseous and bald. Bald EVERYWHERE! No one tells you that you will lose your hair first in your pubic area…no more bikini razor burn! Also, no eyelashes or eyebrows. My face was swollen from steroids and covered in acne. The chemo left my finger and toes numb and I dropped things and tripped and fell. Then, to add insult to injury, it was time for radiation. I was given tattoos (black dots) on my chest to make sure I was lined up in the exact same position every day. My scarred, exposed chest was draped in a wet towel and a beam of radiation was directed at my chest daily for a month. My skin became hard and blackened.

But here is the magic. My husband. Through all of this, he loved me. He loved my body. He told me how beautiful I was. He was never turned off or afraid to touch me. I hated my body, but he never did. He even shaved his head while I was bald! I had been very comfortable in my skin before, and was getting my va-va-voom back after 4 years of pregnancy and breast feeding and then cancer took not only my breast, but also that sense of security that my body was my friend.

My skin has healed and the scars are fading, but I still struggle to embrace my new body and a changed sense of beauty. Chemo changed my hair, and while I like my new curly hair, it is still a reminder of all that has changed. I would like to see myself the way my husband sees me: beautiful and sexy. I want to see my body not as a reminder of a battle against cancer. Most importantly, I want to give my husband the gift of knowing that I am again comfortable in my skin and to show everyone show that survivors are powerful!

boudoir breast cancer survivorboudoir breast cancer survivor

Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway – Accepting entries

We are still accepting entries for our Breast Cancer Awareness giveaway. For more info, please click here.

Free Photo Session Give-away in Honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as part of our quest to support women’s issues and health, TAIT Photography is announcing their first annual Breast Cancer Survivors’ Boudoir Photo Shoot Contest. Having any form of cancer is a terrible thing, but through research and by providing women with accurate information it is possible to minimize this disease’s impact. We have photographed many cancer survivors in the past, who naturally wish to see themselves in their best light and want to feel confident about their bodies once again. Getting excellent boudoir photographs taken is a huge self-confidence booster for any women, especially those who have been through such a difficult experience. This tragic disease is affects the lives of so many women and their loved ones. The bad news is that breast cancer kills nearly 65,000 women each year in the United States and Canada, and it is diagnosed in over 200,000 new cases every year. The good news is that breast cancer can be detected early with use of self-examinations and mammograms. It is especially important to get regular check-ups if one has a family history of breast cancer. Regardless of family history, self-exams should be preformed by women every month! Doctors and nurses can provide information on how to properly conduct such exams.

TAIT Photography will be holding a contest during the month of October for cancer survivors. If you or someone you know has been affected by any kind cancer that affects women, please consider entering our contest to win a FREE Boudoir Photo Shoot Package. Entering the contest is easy, simply send us your survival story along with one or two photos of you and we will post the entries on our blog. Then you, the readers, will choose the contest winner based on the person receiving the most number of votes. The winner will receive a deluxe boudoir package with a day of pampering including full makeup & hair, a photo shoot with Erica, plus an album of beautiful images that will help you further realize your true beauty! Anyone who has a cancer survival story is a true winner, and so the finalists will also receive a discount toward a future boudoir marathon session, even if you do not receive the most votes. And because all cancers are tragic, not only breast cancer, this contest will be open to all women who are survivors of any type of cancer. In addition to providing our contest, TAIT Photography will also be contributing a portion of each photoshoot in October toward breast cancer research. Please join us in our support of breast cancer research by donating to this important cause.

To enter the contest:

This contest is for any woman who has survived cancer in any form.

Please email your story to info@taitboudoir.com with the subject line SURVIVOR CONTEST. Please send a pic of yourself and any other photos you would like to share.

If you are a finalist, your story, along with first name and submitted images will be posted on our blog.

Feel free to nominate a deserving friend – just please ask their permission first and send us their contact info so that we can confirm.

We will post the top 3 entries on this blog – And YOU, the readers, will choose the winner!

We will be accepting entries until October 20th

The top finalists will be announced and voting will begin on about October 25th. The winner will be announced on November 1st.


P.S. If you sign up for an upcoming boudoir marathon and you win the contest, your payment will be refunded.

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