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Beth’s Atlanta Boudoir Photography Experience

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Why did you do a boudoir session?
This is the most difficult question to answer. I didn’t have a session to give the images as a gift or because I was a bride to be. I have a hectic life between my career, 3 children and a husband who is deployed to Afghanistan (again). It is all too easy to lose myself in the everyday routine of life. I wanted to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. Something that pushed me to remember that under all of my roles there is a slightly impulsive sassy woman. I wanted to feel beautiful for one moment.

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
I researched photographers using Internet wedding boards. I noticed post after post which had glowing reviews of Erica’s work and her professionalism. I went to her website and visited the galleries. Her work was far superior to that of other photographers I had researched. The images that Erica is able to capture are simply beautiful.

How did you prepare for your shoot?
In the beginning I considered how I wanted to look and thought about the proper exercise schedule to ensure that I looked just right. Then I took a step back and reminded myself that I want to feel beautiful just as I am. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. So I didn’t do anything (other than shopping) to prepare for the session.

Who are your photos for?
The images are for me. I love the photos. My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan and he was a little shocked when I mentioned that I had scheduled a boudoir session. He hasn’t been able to see them yet but he is excited and reminded me that the only opinion that counts is mine.

How was the whole experience?
This experience was completely out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and excited. I turned complete control over to Erica and the make up artist and trusted their judgement. Both were so professional and having an all female staff was great. Everyone was warm, light hearted and happy to be there. Once we finished I realized how amazing the entire experience was.

How do you feel about your photos?
I love all of them. I was a little worried that the make up would come across too dark or the photos wouldn’t look like me. The make up was perfect and Erica was able to capture me in these images. Some are a little goofy, and others are a little sultry and some are just beautiful! I really like the range of facial expression and body movement. They all look like me.

Do you have an interesting story about your experience you would like to share?
After my session I needed to run into Target. I was back in my jeans and blouse but still had on the makeup with false eyelashes: Glamour meets soccer mom. I got so many positive comments on the makeup and especially the false eyelashes.

Why should other women do a shoot for themselves?
Every woman should do this at least once in her life. Going through the makeup and photo session is amazing but the moment you open your gallery and see these beautiful images of yourself is beyond words. WE all put so much pressure on ourselves to be thinner, smarter, be a better wife, get a promotion etc… that we rarely take a moment and think about how beautiful, intelligent and capable we are. Having a boudoir session gives you a moment to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and to see yourself as an amazingly beautiful woman.

L’s Calgary Boudoir Photography Experience

Why did you decide to do a boudoir photo session?
Since the first time I had heard about it I was intrigued. I thought it would be great to feel sexy and to have sexy photos of myself. I mainly wanted to do it for my husband, and keep it a surprise, but since I can’t keep anything from him, especially something so exciting, I told him and he thought it would be a great idea!

Why did you choose TAIT Boudoir Photography?
I liked the photos that I saw on the internet and the other people’s comments. I just had a feeling that it would be a great experience.

How did you prepare for your shoot?
I didn’t prepare very much. I just made sure I didn’t have any unwanted tan lines. I opted to have my hair and makeup done at TAIT and I’m definitely glad I spent the extra money to do this. After my hair and makeup was done, and I met Erica all my jitters were gone and I was feeling awesome. I really liked how you helped me pick my outfits Erica. It really made me feel great in them. I wasn’t second guessing anything!

Who are your boudoir images for?
They were for my husband, and like I said I had told him about them. He loves them. He said they are exactly how he pictured them. Perfect!

How was your boudoir experience?
I thought it was a great experience. I wanted to have them done before I had kids, and now I think once I’m done having my children I will return and have the pictures done again!

Did you have your hair & makeup done?
Yes I had the makeover and the experience was great. I think my hair and makeup look great in the pictures.

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot for themselves?
Other women should have this session because it really does make you feel great. You see how beautiful you can be, and it actually put away a lot of my insecurities in the bedroom.

Anything else to share?
Nothing really, just how awesome it was!!

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Calgary boudoir photographer

Calgary boudoir photographer

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

L’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
It was a suggestion from a girlfriend for a gift to my boyfriend. When I saw the style of photos, I was sold.

Why did you choose TAIT Photography for your boudoir shoot?
I looked at several web sites and found TAIT to be very classy with a clear idea of what to expect as a product and price.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photo session?
I shopped for some lingerie, looked at several photos available online for more ideas and discussed it with my girlfriend.

Boudoir Photographer

Who are your boudoir photos for?
It is a gift for my boyfriend. I think he is going to love them!

How was  your boudoir experience?
Although I was extremely nervous, the photographer was very confident and experienced to help with ideas and relaxation.

Calgary boudoir photographer

How do you feel about your boudoir images?
I really like a ton of the photos….have had some difficulty narrowing down to my faves as I like so many. I really like the shots that are of my body only as well as the ones where I look natural and relaxed.

Calgary boudoir photographer

Do you have an interesting story about the boudoir photo shoot?
Just funny thinking of how much my boyfriend would enjoy the ones with just his dress shirt on….kinda could not stop laughing.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Why should women book a boudoir photo shoot?
It is very good for self esteem and to realize how sexy you too can be in such beautiful pictures.

Boudoir Photographer

N’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Vancouver Boudoir Photographer

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
I checked out the website and really liked the tastefulness and look of the pictures. I really liked how the women featured were all shapes and ages and that they all looked beautiful!

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
I had seen several photographers with boudoir-type sessions, but the look was never right – too cheesy, not classy, too overtly sexual. When I saw Erica’s work I loved it right away – the look was elegant, classy and sensual. If someone from work saw it, I would not be embarrassed. I really liked her backdrops and the angles that Erica uses.

How did you prepare for your boudoir photoshoot?
I treated myself to a spa day.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
I wanted the images for my husband for our anniversary. He always makes me feel beautiful and I thought that he would enjoy them as I am very conservative and would not normally do anything like this.

How was your boudoir experience?

I was nervous when I got there but the make-up artist, and Erica put me right to ease. I liked the location and felt very comfortable right away. Erica was very professional when she reviewed the outfits that I brought and she was open to providing input as to what she felt would look best visually.

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?
I was delighted with them! So much that I showed them to a few friends because I wanted them to go and have it done also! I was amazed at how great the pictures turned out and I know that my husband will be delighted with them.

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot?
I would recommend this to anyone as I feel that Erica’s talent is such that any woman will leave happy with the session. I am not a beautiful person but I was so delighted with the results that I wanted to share them with everyone. I have never felt so beautiful, not even on my wedding day. Every woman deserves an opportunity to feel that way regardless of whether it’s for them or for someone else. I plan on returning and getting photos that I can share done because Erica is so talented that I know I will really like them and that they will be the best photos of me.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Meg’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Calgary Boudoir Photographer

Meg is a mother of 3 boys and her story and images were also recently featured in the last edition Best Health magazine along with several other of our clients! After reading the blog post below, you can read and see more from Meg in the magazine article starting on page 150 of Best Health Magazine.

What made you want to have the images done?
About 20 years ago, I thought it would be fun to do a boudoir photo session. I really enjoyed the experience (and now wanted to do it again), I felt Erica would provide a professional, yet fun and creative photo shoot for this most recent experience.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

How did you prepare for your boudoir session?
This gave me a good excuse to go out and purchase some beautiful lingerie that I might not normally wear. Other than that, it was just a great experience to be there.

Calgary boudoir photographer

Have you given your husband the images yet, what did he think?
It was mostly his idea to do this photo shoot. I didn’t need a whole lot of prompting though! He has seen the proofs on the internet, so he is very pleased with what’s coming his way!
Calgary boudoir photographer

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?
It’s always a little intimidating to pose half naked in front of a stranger. In a very short time however, Erica made me feel very comfortable with my body. Some of the poses might have felt a little silly at the time, but when I saw how they transferred to film, I was very delighted with the results. I think it’s very empowering to lose oneself in front of the camera…then to see how Erica makes you look on film is to know how your partner really sees you.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

How do you feel about your images?
We all have insecurities about our bodies..me, for sure. After seeing these pictures though…it gave me a better appreciation for how I should view myself. I am more than thrilled with results, and there isn’t really much more I can say besides that!

Calgary boudoir photographer

Which images are your favourites? I think I’m partial to the photos of me with the mirror behind me. It’s not often one gets to see how one looks from behind. Maybe I shouldn’t have worried so much! The pictures with me laying on my back are dreamy as well.

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Is there any other info or interesting story about your experience?
I love how the pictures turned out…thanks! I can’t say I really have an interesting story yet…but who knows what will happen when I get my album. 😉

Read more of Meg’s story and see images in the latest issue of Best Health Magazine page 150

Lucy’s Boudoir Photography Experience – Calgary

Lucy had her images done in Calgary and her hair & makeup was done by Jackie Johnson.

What made you want to have boudoir photos taken?
I took some glamour shots when I was 16 that included hair and makeup with the photo shoot. It was also a milestone for me since I was turning sweet 16. I turned 30 this year which was another milestone for me. I wanted to find a photographer that specialized in taking sexy, classy photos that included hair and make up with the photo session. When I’m older I want to be able to look back at these photos and say “WOW I looked amazing when I was 30!” I also wanted to do something that got me out of my comfort zone, something I would never do. Looking back at the photos I took when I was 16 I looked much older than I do in these recent photos-which make me extremely happy!

Calgary Boudoir Photos

How did you prepare for your boudoir session?
I went tanning, got my nails done, got a pedicure and had a hair appointment the day before. I wanted to make sure my hair was fresh (cut & color) for the shoot the next day. I had hard time finding lingerie I liked in the stores so I did some online shopping. I also wanted to wear outfits that you wouldn’t find at any lingerie stores in the city.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
These images are a gift for myself for turning 30 and a 10 year anniversary gift for my boyfriend.

Boudoir Photos in Calgary - Lucy

Have you given your boyfriend the images yet, what did he think?
I let him look at my photos right away and pick out his favorites. Of course his favorite images are the ones with his bike helmet. He said I looked very hot and sexy.

Calgary Boudoir Photos - LucyCalgary Boudoir Photos - Lucy

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?
I was nervous at first but my nerves vanished as soon as I met Erica. She was very professional, personable, and easy to work with. I had so much fun and would do another photo session. I tell family and friends about the website and to seriously consider doing a photo shoot. It’s also a great gift idea for the one you love.

Calgary Boudoir Photos - LucyBoudoir Photos in Calgary - Lucy

How do you feel about your boudoir photos?
I’m so happy and excited about them. I love looking at them and I can’t believe its actually me in the photos. I want to share them with everyone I know!

Boudoir Photos in Calgary - Lucy

Which images are your favorites?
My favorite images are the ones with my boyfriend’s helmet, the photos where I’m wearing the black corset with leggings, and the “in between the sheet” ones.

Is there any other info or interesting story about your experience?
I enjoyed getting my hair and makeup done. It relaxed me before the shoot. Jackie, the makeup artist was amazing. She really knew how to accentuate my best facial features. I felt confident that my images would turn out great. Hair, makeup, outfits, all came together perfectly.

Boudoir Photos in Calgary by TAITBoudoir Photos in Caglary by TAIT

Christina’s Boudoir Photography Session Experience

Christina had her boudoir photo session in Calgary.

What made you want to have boudoir images taken?
I’m getting married this year and was looking for a gift for my fiance. I’d been playing around with the idea for a couple years now and I figured now was definitely the right time.

boudoir photos

How did you prepare for the session?
I got a little color while on a trip to BC, spent hours shopping for the right outfits to wear and trying to think positively about what was coming. I had all these plans of working out like a maniac but in the end I didn’t really change anything except drinking more water. I figured I may as well have pictures of the real me.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
It started out as pictures for my fiance but it’s definitely become something for myself as well. I can’t wait to get a picture framed for our bedroom wall!

boudoir photos in Calgaryboudoir photos in Calgary

Have you given your fiance the boudoir photos yet, what did he think?
He’s seen the online album and he’s very excited for his gift! I tried to keep it a secret from him but caved in and I am actually happy I did. He was very helpful by giving me ideas of what to wear and basically just being enthusiastic.

boudoir photos

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?
I was incredibly nervous about the photo shoot but as soon as I got there the makeup artist and Erica put me totally at ease. Erica was very professional and helped me pick what worked best and with a little encouragement from her I had a great time. By the end I wasn’t self-conscious at all.

calgary boudoir photographercalgary boudoir photographer

How do you feel about your images?
I love them. When looking at pictures of yourself it’s hard to not zero in on what you don’t like about your body but I was really happy with how I looked, even enough to show my sister who is still raving about them. Having a professional tell you exactly how to pose and where to look definitely makes the process easier and much more flattering.

calgary boudoir photography

Which images are your favourites?
The ones where I look most like myself, laughing and smiling. I’m no model so the ones where I relaxed and felt comfortable turned out to be my favorites. I really love the ones taken in my fiance’s favorite jersey and the ones taken with only the sheet.

boudoir photos in Calgary

Is there any other info or interesting story about your boudoir experience?
I did the pictures a week after my bachelorette party and a day before my 24th birthday. I couldn’t think of a better way to capture one of the best times in my life. The experience of doing this has made me appreciate my natural body even more and when I look back at these photos in 30 years I can be proud that I actually did it.

Boudoir photographer in CalgaryBoudoir photography in Calgary

Terri’s Images

Terri had her images done last year for her husband to be. She has recently returned from her destination wedding & honeymoon. Congratulations!

Terri suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis but did not let that stop her. Even though she has experienced weight gain due to medications and limited mobility due to her serious illness Terri wants women to know that “you can do anything you want even when there are obstacles in your everyday life”. She also told us it was the best thing she could have done to boost her self esteem.

Terri – thanks for allowing us to share your images and your story – you are an inspiration!

What made you want to have boudoir photos done?

In the fall of 2005 I had foot surgery due to my RA. I was in a wheelchair for 5 1/2 months and part of my recovery was that I wasn’t allowed to bear any weight on my foot until it had completely fused itself. It took me the rest of 2006 to regain my mobility and to lose the weight I had put on over the past 6 months .

After going through this it made me realize that I need to enjoy everyday that I can and be happy with what I can do and not focus on what I can’t do.

Seeing other women’s pictures on Erica’s site inspired me to “step out of my box” and do something I would have never done, and posing in my panties and bra was definitely new to me!!

How did you prepare for the photo session?

I went shopping with my wonderful sister in law who has a passion for fashion and she brought me into the loop on lingerie shopping. I tried on outfits that were out of my comfort zone and settled on ones that made me feel good but were out of my “safe zone”. I also watched what I ate leading up to the big day, drank lots of water, got plenty of rest, tweezed, waxed and all that other fun stuff that we do to look good.

Who are the images for?

The images were for my other half as a wedding gift to him. We had been together for 14 years and after making it through my surgery year with our relationship still intact we decided to finally get married!

What did he think???

I was so excited when Erica sent me a few teasers that I showed one to him and he actually said “Who the heck is this?” I had to tell him that yes it really was me and all he could say was “WOW” , you will be the new Sunshine Girl in my toolbox at work!

How did you present the images to him?

I purchased a few prints for his Christmas gift, then a calendar for his birthday and then I let him chose his favorites to go in an album as his wedding gift.

What did you think of the experience of having the images done?

Having these boudoir pictures done was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I was so nervous but Erica was so calm and easy going that she made me feel like I wasn’t posing in my undies in front of a complete stranger!

Having RA has made me self conscious of my body as the meds I take have made me gain quite a bit of weight over the years. I also have joints that have been fused by surgery or have fused themselves so my mobility level is limited. Looking at me you wouldn’t know that I have this disease as I have a rarer form that attacks and destroys the larger joints in my body.
Erica worked with what I could do and I am amazed at the results we achieved.

How do you feel about your images?

“Super Star” are the exact words I used when I sent a few of the photos to my sister, sister inlaw and my best friend. They died laughing at the title but that is how seeing them made me feel! I was a little apprehensive about doing them as everyone on Erica’s site seemed to be in their 20’s and here I am pushing forty and living with a disease that is slowly stealing my mobility from me. Looking at my images makes me feel that I can do anything! Keeping positive and having a good support system around you makes a world of difference and saying “What do I have to lose” more often has made me a better person since posing in my undies!

Is there any other information or advice you’d like to share about your boudoir photo session?

If you are thinking about having your boudoirs done sign up before you can change your mind! If you are on the fence get off and just do it! Having these pictures done changed me and made me see myself in a whole new light-we are all beautiful no matter what obstacles we face on a daily basis. Love yourself for who you are and be proud of what you can achieve.

“Every woman needs to know no matter what challenges you face if you have a positive attitude you can do anything!” – Terri

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