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Victoria Secret 2009 Fashion Show TONIGHT!

We are looking forward to the annual Victoria Secret fashion show tonight – great inspiration for boudoir wardrobe and photo shoots.

boudoir victoria secretboudoir victoria secret

A Life in Satin Gloves

This is a really cute video about burlesque women.

The Birdcage Veil is a Great Accessory for Boudoir Photography

“Something old” that is being made “something new” is the timeless and alluring birdcage veil. Made popular by vintage Hollywood, the birdcage veil was worn by glamorous actresses and brides in 1940s weddings. The style became popular in the 1940s as a reaction to the full length, fussy veils that were previously the norm. The birdcage veil is a short veil that covers the bride’s eyes, extending only about as far as the nose.

Regaining popularity among today’s fashionable brides, the birdcage veil is certainly in vogue. Seen among Hollywood weddings, the birdcage veil was spotted last year on the Grey’s Anatomy star, Katherine Heigl. She looked stunning in a birdcage veil for her wedding to Josh Kelley, serving to further popularize the chic style. Recently Drew Barrymore also wore a birdcage veil on the Red Carpet for her film “Grey Gardens”.

The birdcage veil lends a flirty, glamorous look to your wedding style, masking the bride’s eyes, but leaving the mouth visible for a sexy and playful, yet classy look. Many of my boudoir clients look gorgeous in a birdcage veil in their boudoir pictures, and this is why I love having a black and white one available for clients to use.

The birdcage veil is an easy style to wear, and it is suitable for a wide variety of features. The veil itself can be made slightly longer or shorter to suit the bride’s individual taste, as well as what is most becoming on her. The birdcage veil is usually worn with either with a pinned-up hairstyle or by women with short hair. This is a nice option for women with shorter haircuts who may not be comfortable wearing a long, cumbersome veil.

The birdcage veil is a whimsical, romantic way to finish your wedding look, and also a great addition for your boudoir photographs.  It is short, light and easy to wear, not unwieldy or awkward as some long veils can be. The birdcage veil also suits a range of dresses, from a slim tailored dress of a modern bride to a fairy tale dress of brides looking for a more traditional look. Birdcage veils are also becoming a popular choice for brides marrying for a second time. Some women feel that a long veil is suitable only for a first wedding, but still want the special feeling of wearing a veil to mark the occasion of their marriage.

The birdcage veil is an option that makes a bride feel beautiful and glamorous – whether you are walking down the aisle or snapping sexy photos at your boudoir session.

vintage boudoir portraitsblack and white boudoir photos
bird cage veil boudoir

Here are a couple of online resources where you can buy bird cage veils:


Katherine and Drew’s Bird cage veils:
bircage veil boudoir bircage veil boudoir

The Million Dollar Legs

Betty Grable was one of the most popular WW2 pinups and is most famous for this photo.
Betty Grable Pinup Legs boudoir
Born Elizabeth Ruth Grable on December 18, 1916, Betty landed her first gig at 13 as a chorus girl in Lets Go Places. Although she was legally underage, it was not immediately apparent because the chorus girls performed in blackface–but once her true age was realized, Betty was quickly fired.

Betty’s big break came in 1940 by way of a man named Daryl Zanuck, who saw some of her earlier Paramount pictures and offered her a contract with 20th Century-Fox Studios. There were no films for her at the time, but Zanuck realized her talents, and wanted to keep her available. Meanwhile, Betty was allowed to work in Cole Porter’s musical Du Barry was a Lady, until she was contacted by Fox Studios to replace an ill Alice Faye in the film Down Argentine Way.
betty grable boudoir show photobetty grable boudoir show photobetty grable boudoir show photo
Betty Grable was a “triple threat” she could sing, dance, and act. She was a force in Hollywood, starring in such films and musicals as, Mother Wore Tights, Coney Island, The Dolly Sisters, Moon over Miami, Sweet Rosie O’ Grady, and many others. But it was the infamous 1943 photo taken by Frank Powolony that launched her to superstardom. The photo featured a full-length back pose of the leggy blonde wearing a bathing suit, while playfully peeking over her shoulder–making her the most famous pinup girl of the World War II era. There are many stories about the origin of this photo, one being that she posed from behind because she was pregnant. Fox Studios eventually insured Betty Grable’s legs for $1,000,000.00 with Lloyd’s of London which garnered her the nickname, “Girl with the million dollar legs.” (Lloyd’s is the same company that was rumored to have insured J Lo’s most famous asset – her bum!).
Betty Grable nose airplane art
Betty’s beauty appealed strongly to the American G.I.s and her films were eagerly requested by the servicemen overseas. A popular GI slogan during the war became “I want a girl just like the girl that married Harry James.” (Betty’s 2nd husband)
Betty Grable boudoir photo
Betty Grable was the highest paid actress in Hollywood, and reigned supreme as the “Queen of Fox Studios” from 1940 until 1951. During the course of her time with Fox, Betty married band leader Harry James in 1943 (divorced in 1965) and had two daughters. In 1952 she was dropped from the movie Gentleman Prefer Blondes to make room for Marilyn Monroe.
Betty Grable and Marilyn Monroe's movie together - How to Marry a Millionaire poster
One of the last blockbusters Betty did for Fox Studios was How to Marry a Millionaire where she shared the spotlight with Marilyn Monroe and Lauren Bacall. After doing two more movies, both of which were flops, Betty had had enough of films, and decided to bid Hollywood Adieu. After retiring from Hollywood, Grable continued to appear in television, and on stage throughout the 1960’s.

In 1973 Grable lost her battle with lung cancer, and died at the age of 56. She has since been honored with stars on both the St. Louis, and the Hollywood Walks of fame.

Here’s are a couple of Betty’s performances:

Kiss my…

smart ass boudoir photo thong
“Inspirational sass for your fantastic ass.” with a tagline like that, we couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at the Vancouver company Smart Ass Girls to see what they were all about.

Smart Ass Intimates sells thongs, thongs, and more thongs. But not just any old thongs–these are “thongs with attitude.”

Smart Ass Thongs sport high-spirited slogans across the backside of the ‘T-bar’ which gives them a unique vibe, and looks fabulous under low-rise jeans. So when you accidentally (or purposely) flash your thong, spectators will have something other than your butt cheeks to look at.

With a full selection of sassy catch-phrases including “Gold Digger”, “Domestic Diva”, “Eye Candy”, “Control Freak”, and “Party Girl” along with a slew of others–you’re sure to find a thong that fits your personality. There is a large selection of phrases to choose the perfect one for you or as a gift. These would be excellent for bridesmaids gifts as you can choose a saying to match their personality.

The intimate selections at Smart Ass Girls go beyond their signature thongs. They also offer camisoles, bikinis, and gal shorts via their Euro Trash and Smooth Operator collections. The Smooth Operator collection is made from stretch micro-fiber and cotton gusset; naturally wicking; and designed to make visible panty lines a thing of the past. This subtly sexy lingerie is only available in two colors–nude and black. The Euro Trash collection is made out of a soft mesh, and stretch lace fabric that’s perfect to wear during the summer months. This simple, but cute collection is available in a pink heart, or black scroll pattern.

All of the intimate collections are sold in S-XL. The lingerie found on Smartassgals.com aren’t terribly expensive. Prices ranged from $20.00 to $42.00 US-dollars.

The owners also have a charitable side, supporting “The Underwear Affair”. A 5k run/walk which you do in your underwear to raise money and awareness for all types of cancer that is ‘below the belt’. www.uncoverthecure.org

The one downside to the Smart Ass Thong collection is that they don’t come in sizes smaller than 4 or larger than 12 – which might make some women feel a little left out. But overall, the Smart Ass collection is a practical for everyday wear, feminine, and easy to maintain with a wonderful feel. So in honour of fantastic asses everywhere, we gave the collection “two thongs up!”

Get your boudoir thongs at smartassgals.com

This one is perfect for boudoir photos.
boudoir photo thong

And this one is my favorite wedding themed thong.
wedding boudoir photo thong

The Moulin Rouge

During my trip to Europe, I had the great pleasure of watching the infamous Moulin Rouge, which is certainly as high-kicking now as ever! The décor, costumes, and performance were very inspiring, as they truly exuded the beauty and sexiness that every woman has inside.

My interest and curiosity in visiting the Moulin Rouge arose from my current work in the contemporary photographic interpretation of the genre. I would like to bring those stunning and inspirational historical images of courageous women into today’s boudoir portraits.
Moulin Rouge exterior photo

History of the Moulin Rouge: Smashing through Convention

The Moulin Rouge is a famous Parisian cabaret that gave birth to a genre of singing, dancing, fashion, and a carefree, bohemian way of life. The original Moulin Rouge (which means Red Windmill) was built in 1889 in the red-light district of Paris. The iconic symbol of the club is its red windmill that marks the exterior of the building and is present in many illustrations and artistic representations of the cabaret like these:
Moulin Rouge PosterMoulin Rouge PosterMoulin Rouge Poster
The Moulin Rouge also gave rise to a genre of seductive, glamorous and slightly naughty women’s fashion and lingerie. The Moulin Rouge dancers were considered the epitome of beauty and sexuality, and their style has been imitated almost since the inception of the Moulin Rouge – perfect inspiration for boudoir photography!

The Moulin Rouge popularized the can-can, which has since become a respectable traditional French dance. The original dancers reinterpreted the can-can with sexy undertones to entertain the male clientele. The Moulin Rouge courtesans were known for their beauty as well as for their audacious vulgarity, and these dancers were more risqué than dancers at any other cabaret at the time. Thus, the name became synonymous with an evening of drinking and playful sexuality. When performing the can-can, Moulin Rouge dancers would lift their skirts to reveal their legs and undergarments, which was shocking and unheard of at the time.
Moulin Rouge Can Can dancers
Moulin Rouge dancers
The Moulin Rouge has sparked worldwide interest from painters, artists and filmmakers. Famous post-impressionist painter Henri Toulouse-Lautrec painted many Moulin Rouge inspired works.
Moulin Rouge painting Moulin Rouge painting

Today’s Moulin Rouge

The modern Moulin Rouge has hosted performers such as Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf and Frank Sinatra. It is still a popular tourist attraction in Paris, which puts on regular shows and has maintained much of the original décor – allowing everyone to take in a sense of the historic setting.
Moulin Rouge interior photo
“Moulin Rouge” is the title of a book by Pierre La Mure. This work was adapted into the 1952 film of the same name starring Jose Ferrer and Zsa-Zsa Gabor, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture. There have been several other films with The Moulin Rouge as the subject, most recently Baz Luhrman’s 2001 version starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, which was also nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture.
Moulin Rouge Movie PosterMoulin Rouge Movie Poster

Edited to Add:

I remembered this music video of Lady Marmalade. I love the costume and sets as inspiration for a vintage boudoir look. In case you were wondering Lady Marmalade was a prostitute in New Orleans (not Paris albeit the French Quarter). The song was originally recorded by Patti Labelle but this video with Chritsina, Mya, Pink and Lil Kim does depict the look of the Moulin Rouge around the turn of the last century… The lyrics “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi — ce soir?” means something like “Would you like to lie down with me tonight?”. There is also a live version of this song from the 2002 Grammy’s where Patti Labelle joins the younger women toward the end. It is quite good too.

Vanity Fair Vanities

Every month Vanity Fair features photographs of an up and coming starlette in a 50s pinup style. They always come out so cute! I am glad to see pinup becoming more and more popular. Here are a couple of favourite images from the last few months…

One of our all time favourite VF pinup images is of Hayden Panettiere from last year shown at the bottom.

S c h e d u l e