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Beth’s Atlanta Boudoir Photography Experience

Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir Photographer

Why did you do a boudoir session?
This is the most difficult question to answer. I didn’t have a session to give the images as a gift or because I was a bride to be. I have a hectic life between my career, 3 children and a husband who is deployed to Afghanistan (again). It is all too easy to lose myself in the everyday routine of life. I wanted to do something that was outside of my comfort zone. Something that pushed me to remember that under all of my roles there is a slightly impulsive sassy woman. I wanted to feel beautiful for one moment.

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
I researched photographers using Internet wedding boards. I noticed post after post which had glowing reviews of Erica’s work and her professionalism. I went to her website and visited the galleries. Her work was far superior to that of other photographers I had researched. The images that Erica is able to capture are simply beautiful.

How did you prepare for your shoot?
In the beginning I considered how I wanted to look and thought about the proper exercise schedule to ensure that I looked just right. Then I took a step back and reminded myself that I want to feel beautiful just as I am. I want to be comfortable in my own skin. So I didn’t do anything (other than shopping) to prepare for the session.

Who are your photos for?
The images are for me. I love the photos. My husband is currently deployed to Afghanistan and he was a little shocked when I mentioned that I had scheduled a boudoir session. He hasn’t been able to see them yet but he is excited and reminded me that the only opinion that counts is mine.

How was the whole experience?
This experience was completely out of my comfort zone. I was nervous and excited. I turned complete control over to Erica and the make up artist and trusted their judgement. Both were so professional and having an all female staff was great. Everyone was warm, light hearted and happy to be there. Once we finished I realized how amazing the entire experience was.

How do you feel about your photos?
I love all of them. I was a little worried that the make up would come across too dark or the photos wouldn’t look like me. The make up was perfect and Erica was able to capture me in these images. Some are a little goofy, and others are a little sultry and some are just beautiful! I really like the range of facial expression and body movement. They all look like me.

Do you have an interesting story about your experience you would like to share?
After my session I needed to run into Target. I was back in my jeans and blouse but still had on the makeup with false eyelashes: Glamour meets soccer mom. I got so many positive comments on the makeup and especially the false eyelashes.

Why should other women do a shoot for themselves?
Every woman should do this at least once in her life. Going through the makeup and photo session is amazing but the moment you open your gallery and see these beautiful images of yourself is beyond words. WE all put so much pressure on ourselves to be thinner, smarter, be a better wife, get a promotion etc… that we rarely take a moment and think about how beautiful, intelligent and capable we are. Having a boudoir session gives you a moment to challenge yourself to step outside of your comfort zone and to see yourself as an amazingly beautiful woman.

J’s Boudoir Photography Experience | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Why did you decide to do a boudoir session?
I think we all forget how important it is to dress up for ourselves and our men. I love that we can capture that side of ourselves in a boudoir session.

Why did you choose TAIT Photography?
When I happened upon the boudoir sessions in Atlanta, and read all of the really great reviews, I felt comfortable going with TAIT. I knew it was going to be very professional.

Atlanta boudoir photographer

How did you prepare for your boudoir session?
I went to Fredericks and bought a few great outfits. I did my makeup myself.

Who are your boudoir photos for?
These are for my husband. I told him about it before I went, and he was very excited. We both viewed the online album, and we’re both thrilled with how they turned out.

Boudoir Photographer

How was your boudoir experience?
I was very comfortable, and Erica does a great job of coaching you through each step.

How do you feel about your boudoir images?
Everything turned out so well, wish I could buy them all! After all of the lingerie I bought, my favorites are the ones with the sheets. :-)

Atlanta boudoir photographer

Why should other women do a boudoir shoot?
This will make you feel great, and it’s a wonderful way to spoil your husband. It’s something that you just “don’t do,” but that you MUST DO.

Atlanta boudoir photographer

Valentine’s Day Boudoir Events

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have boudoir photo sessions available in time so you can create that one of a kind gift for the person you love. Imagine his reaction when receiving an album, calendar, or sexy photos of you looking your most beautiful.

We are available before Valentine’s Day in the following locations. All albums and products will be ready by Valentine’s Day.

Northern Virginia on January 7th & 8th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in the Washington DC Area
Atlanta, Georgia on January 9th & 10th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Atlanta
Edmonton, Alberta on January 28th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Edmonton
Vancouver, British Columbia on January 30th: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Vancouver
Calgary, Alberta throughout January & February at our studio: Book a boudoir photo shoot in Calgary

Valentine's Day Boudoir

Atlanta Boudoir Photography Event | Boudoir Photography for Christmas

Sessions in Atlanta are now available on December 12th. This is a wonderful opportunity to have boudoir pics taken for Christmas or plan ahead for Valentine’s Day. Also don’t forget to ask about our military discount.

To reserve a session, please go to the Atlanta Boudoir Photography booking page.

Boudoir Photography in Atlanta

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